What the Knicks Should do as the 2020 Trade Deadline Approaches


The NBA 2020 Trade Deadline is almost two weeks away and there is a lot of speculation for what the Knicks should do. There is a lot to wonder about how the Knicks should approach the trade deadline this season as there are still a lot of question marks and holes to fill with this team, and there is only one man to solve these questions. Me, obviously. With this current team, I am in the mindsight of trading everyone who is not young and try and get valuable draft picks.

I don’t want someone like Andre Drummond because he does not fit the mold of this young team. We will have to give up valuable players/draft picks for a star player and how much will a star player like Drummond impact this team. He’s a good player and all but what’s the difference between 20 wins and 25 wins, just a worst chance at the #1 pick. So the Knicks should look to move players for draft picks that can impact this team. The next part of this blog will go in and discuss who the Knicks should keep and who the Knicks should look to trade as February 6th arrives.

Untouchables: R.J. Barrett, Mitchell Robinson, Frank Ntilikina, Kevin Knox

Obviously, players like R.J. Barrett and Mitchell Robinson should NOT be traded. There is no hot take there as they are our two best young players. They do have a lot to improve on but so does every other rookie. Now for Frank Ntilikina and Kevin Knox, I have to make a case for why these two should absolutely not be traded. Let’s start off with Frank Ntilikina, whos had a bumpy road to the start of his NBA career. Never really trusted by either Jeff Hornacek or Dave Fizdale the two really tried to kill any development for Frank, and it is shown in this tweet.

It’s crazy how the Knicks would never want to help their young, newly drafted, point guard and instead use players like Jarrett Jack or Emmanuel Mudiay. Even though he was being mismanaged, Ntilikina has started to show signs of his improvement in his third season. If it was not for Elfrid Payton or Dennis Smith Jr. not playing at the start of the season who knows where Frank would be at right now. He is showing he can be aggressive on the offensive side of the ball and I love the combination of Mitch and Frank off the bench.

Now for Kevin Knox, it’s going to be a little hard to make a case for why the Knicks should not trade him. First off he’s only in his second season of the NBA. He shows signs of what he can be and we saw that against when Knox had 17 points and shot 6/8 and 2/4 from three. So let the player develop, especially with a coach like Mike Miller who knows how to work with young players.

Only Trade for the Right Price: Julius Randle, Taj Gibson, Allonzo Trier, Damyean Dotson, Reggie Bullock, Ignas Brazdeikis

I have been one of the few Julius Randle supporters throughout the season and kept on telling people it’s not his fault. The way the Knicks were using Julius Randle and a point forward was stupid and one of the many reasons I wanted Fizdale gone. Since Mike Miller was named as the interim head coach you can see how much Randle has improved. I even decided to do the math on Google Sheets just to see how much better Randle had played and it’s very glaring how much has changed since the firing of Fizdale.

Randle with David Fizdale (22 Games)
16.8 PPG
3.5 APG
3.3 TPG
43.6% Shooting

Randle with Mike Miller (18 Games)
23.9 PPG
9.7 RPG
2.9 APG
2.2 TPG

Randle has shown much improvement since Mike Miller has taken over and the numbers show it and the reason why I don’t want Randle gone is that he will be a good veteran (I know he’s only 25) to help improve our young players. And I feel this way about Gibson and Bullock. Gibson isn’t any value anyway so why not keep him and use him to help Mitchell Robinson. And for Bullock, we still need 14 players on the roster.

Now for Allonzo Trier, Damyean Dotson, and Ignas Brazdeikis, these three players have not seen a lot of playing time this season but they should be kept. Trier had a season no one saw coming last year, but for some reason, we stopped using him. Dotson is a good three and D player and I want to see more out of him as the season progresses. And for Iggy, hopefully, he sees some playing time because the Knicks have done nothing with him this season. Hopefully, more playing time will be available for these three players after the trade deadline. But as I said, if we can get a good trade package, aka a first-round pick for any of these players then trade away.

Players That Need to be Traded, but will be Missed: Marcus Morris Sr, Bobby Portis, Elfrid Payton

These three players, in my opinion, have the highest trade value for players that are not untouchable. Marcus Morris was being discussed that he could be traded for a first-round pick during mid-December.

SNY’s Ian Begley spoke to a few team executives about what it would take to land Morris in a trade, and they believed a first-round pick would be in order depending on certain factors. They include whether or not a team belives Morris is the missing piece to a potential championship roster or if the team does not see the back end of the NBA Draft being too deep.

I’m a big fan of Morris, have been since his days on the Suns, but it would make zero sense for the Knicks to keep him, especially if a first-round pick is available. Now for Bobby Portis and Elfrid Payton, the two have been valuable assets for the team this season, but the Knicks should move on from them. They are playing good basketball, but they do take minutes away from young players like Frank Ntlikina or Allonzo Trier, and I would like to see Kenny Wooten get some playing time as the season winds down.

Players who can get the Fuck off my Team: Dennis Smith Jr.

Sorry Dennis, it isn’t me, it’s you. This relationship never worked out and it was always going to be a failure. You were apart of one of the worst NBA trades in a long time as the Knicks traded a franchise player, who will remain nameless, for 3 players and a couple draft picks. We have not been able to use those picks yet, but as of now it was a shitty trade and we should finish it off and trade Smith. I don’t care what we get for him at this point, just someone who will play better then he will.

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The New York Mets: A Team Who Could Not Handle the Pressure and My Thoughts on the Houston Astros Scandal

Before I get into the blog and my thoughts on everything that went down, I want to state that 2020 is the year of Bro Takes. 2019 was a terrible year for me as my heart was just not into the blog. With college, it was hard to be committed to this, but in 2020 I will be fully committed to blogging. This will be a positive year for Bro Takes and let’s get into the spiciest of topics to start us off.

Yesterday it was announced that Carlos Beltran will be stepping down from his managerial position with the New York Mets. Just over two months after agreeing to be the manager of this team, Beltran had to step down over the Houston Astros cheating scandal in 2017 and his heavy involvement with it. It makes sense for the Mets to want to part ways with Beltran, Beltran will cause a lot of future problems with dealing with media and might taint any future success the Mets may have in the future, but I was for keeping Beltran as the manager. Beltran had the potential to be a really good manager because of his knowledge of the game and the respect he has as a former player, but the Mets became pussies.

I was going to put that the Mets are pussies in the title of this blog, but I felt that might be a little too strong, but in my eyes, they lose a major amount of respect for making this decision. This decision was not made by front office or ownership, it was made because the media told the Mets they have to fire Carlos Beltran. Over the past couple of days if you look at twitter for 5 minutes you might see 10 different articles or videos of media telling the Mets they have to fire Beltran. You have Mark Teixeira on ESPN telling the Mets they have to fire Beltran because of his involvement with the cheating. Uhh, hey Mark, I don’t know if you remember this but one of your best buddies in baseball is one of the most historic liars and steroid users and you seem to have no problem with him. Also, we have current Met Robbinson Cano who was caught using a banned substance in 2018 and we don’t know how long that was going on for so shut the fuck up Mark Teixeria.

The most annoying part is, Beltran was the only player to be named in the reports about the 2017 scandal. Not a single player was named in the report that came out beside Beltran and why? Because he is now retired and is (was) a manager of a team. The MLB really screwed Beltran and the Mets by doing this because you know every player on that team was involved in the sign stealing. So, the Mets and Beltran part ways, but we have a problem. There are two players on the Mets roster who were a part of that 2017 Houston Astros, J.D. Davis and Jake Marisnick. Now J.D. Davis was in his rookie season in 2017 and only had 68 plate appearances, but both players were on the team and they must have had knowledge on the situation that was happening on the team. Now I’m not saying we should let go J.D. Davis because I love the guy but it is very hypocritical to keep those two players and want to get rid of Beltran. Also, J.D. Davis had a funny response when asked about what happened in 2017

So with the media being complete a-holes about this situation, the Mets got too scared of dealing with this P.R. and decided to cut ties with Beltran. Rather than dealing with keeping Beltran and just hoping this all passes by, the Mets wanted out of this shitshow and now they do not have a manager a month before Spring Training is supposed to start. The most hilarious part of this is this isn’t an opinion this is all fact. When the Mets had their phone conference and was being asked about this situation, they were not answering questions. When Evan Roberts of “Joe and Evan” on WFAN asked about the Mets looking into this during the Interviews, they just skipped his question and went to someone else. Ridiculous, and you know that Jeff Wilpon was begging the Mets PR to skip that question.

I cannot wait for Steve Cohen to buy this godforsaken team because you think the guy who got fined the most amount of money for inside trading cares about this cheating scandal. Hell no! All in all, the Mets get screwed because of what someone did as a player on a different team. That just doesn’t sit right with me. Beltran wanted to stay with the Mets, he felt he could have handled this situation, but the Mets rather tuck their tales and hide because they can’t handle a little pressure.

Now onto my thoughts on the Astros cheating scandal as a whole. I for one just don’t care about the Astros cheating. Most teams are cheating by stealing signs and maybe the Astros went a little too far with using their own cameras and monitors, but I always say “If you ain’t cheating you ain’t winning.” – SmallDog Dan

Now, if the Astros were using buzzers, then we might have a problem. It’s one thing to put cameras in center field and bang on a trash can, but to start using electronic equipment and hiding all of this secretly, I think players should be getting banned from MLB. It’s one thing to but cameras in center field and bang trash cans, but to start using electronic equipment and be secretive about it might be going a step too far. Now don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure the MLB already investigated the use of buzzers and they found no evidence. So whatever Carlos Beltran’s “niece” was tweeting, I think it was already disproved. Now I want to get into the top 3 groups of people that have been annoying me the most since this whole scandal was put on the table.

#3: The People who Exaggerated Everything in this Case

What I mean by this is everyone on Twitter who is saying this is the worst thing to happen to baseball. There has been a lot of scandals in MLB and I don’t think this makes my top 3 for biggest scandal. My top three would be

  1. Black Sox Scandal
  2. Steriods
  3. Pete Rose Gambling

I don’t know why I have the Black Sox Scandal #1, I think it is just because a majority of that team threw the 1919 World Series in order to make extra money. Steriods is #2 because Steriods changed the game forever in baseball and it still impacts us today. Now you may say everyone was taking steroids but that right there is a problem. The fact that most of the league was taking a drug that was enhancing their performance is a problem. Bonds and Clemens are yet to make the hall of fame because of using the enhancing drug. (Let the record state that I am pro-steroid) And Pete Rose, this guy always gets a good chuckle out of me. Pete Rose thinks betting on his own team to lose is not a problem and I will always laugh. Also, people, who say the Astros are terrible for what they do to baseball, yet they will cheer for people who beat women and use racist and homophobic terms, seems a little crazy to me.

#2: Yankee Fans

Now, you may say “Oh SmallDog you’re just hating on Yankees fans because you cheer for a loser organization like the Mets” and my response is yes. I hate the Yankees, hand up, but they just will not shut up. All you see on Twitter is how the Astros would have never beat the Yankees in the 2017 ALCS without cheating and the Yankees would have won the 2017 World Series. First of all, the Yankees only scored 3 runs on the road against Houston so you never really stood a chance anyway. So to think you could have gone to L.A. and beat the Dodgers, who went to game seven against the Astros, is kind of crazy. We ain’t talking about the 2018 Dodgers where they had no chance against the Red Sox, the 2017 Dodger was a VERY good team.

#1 Mike Fiers

When I say this, I mean it in the nicest way possible, Fuck Mike Fiers. Mike Fiers is the biggest snitch of all time and for once in my life, I agree with Jessica Mendoza. Jessica Mendoza had a rough day yesterday as everyone was criticizing what she had to say about Mike Fiers.

I think her message got lost in translation, but what I understand is that she’s saying Fiers can’t be enjoying the Astros world series championship knowing that the team was cheating to being one of the all-time snitches. You can’t be doing this

to then come out and talk about the cheating. You decided that now was the best time to speak about what was going on in Houston instead of doing it when it was happening and you were on the team. He did the equivalent of being in the mob, enjoying the good, but when the mod did not want him no more he ratted them to the police. He seemed very happy on Instagram calling them a “Great group to be apart of.”

All of this because the Mets had to part ways with Carlos Beltran, such a shame.

PS: I wrote this blog with 9 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours so it may not sound the best and I am too tired to re-read it.

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