Mets Update

Before we get into the Mets, its time to get a fresh start in writing. Before I made this new website, I was lacking, especially in talking about the Mets, but I will get back into talking about them. So lets get in about the Mets.

So here we are. The Mets are the 2nd worst team in the National League with a record of 42-57 and this team is just embarrassing. The Mets had the best start in baseball, going 11-1 to now this, its pathetic. Now this isn’t breaking news, but I just wanted to get my thoughts out.

And now lets talk about the shit show with Yoenis Cespedes. Why does this stupid shit always have to happen to the Mets. Both his fucking heals need to get surgery. Only the Mets does this happen to. And of course the best part was that no one in the Mets organization knew he needed this surgery. All three of our GM’s knew nothing. Mickey Calloway knew nothing. I don’t understand how know one knows this.

In the NFL, players rehab with the team, the team knows everything about the injury. But for some reason in the MLB you can train and rehab wherever you want and for some reason, the team won’t know about how severe the injury. The injury recover time will be 8-10 months, but with the Mets we all know it will be the whole 2019 season.

PS: You know its bad with Tim Tebow cannot survive the Mets curse. The second coming of Jesus Christ is out for the rest of the season. The Mets would have a legit reason to call him up to the MLB as he made the minor league allstar game. It would’ve been awesome to see Tebow in the MLB, even if he was awful.

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