Welcome to Bro Takes 2.0

Welcome back to Bro Takes, as I, SmallDog Dan, am back. If you didn’t know, I wrote a blog called BroTakes.com, but the website I previously used wasn’t very good and I decided to move websites and I am now using WordPress.com. It is a much better website and I cannot wait to see the future of this website.

On the original Bro Takes I wrote basketball, baseball, and baseball. I also talked about my favorite teams the Mets, Knicks, NY Giants, and some of my other favorite teams are the Suns and Golden Knights (no I am not a bandwagon.) I might start making Golden Knight blogs, the thing is I am not the biggest hockey fan so we’ll see where that leads. I also may have other feature writers on this site, seeing if they want to write.

Me and my friend Mail Nivlem will be podcasting soon as PoolBoys, our six episode Podcast, will make a return. On that we just talk sports and other things going on in the world, so if you love to laugh, check it out.

I also may start a daily video series where I talk all the things going on in the sports world, so check out my YouTube chanel and subscribe because that is where I will post the videos.

That is all for now. Make sure you come back and check the blog daily. Thanks for your support

Follow me on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/danielmeere

And follow the BroTakes Twitter at: https://twitter.com/BroTakes

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