Bye Bye Ass Man


Goodnight sweet prince.

After writing a blog trashing Yankee fans, now I have to write about how the Mets organization sucks. I knew this day was coming for a while, our best hitter was going to be traded, and I thought “hey, maybe we could get something good for Cabrera. Hes hitting .277 this season with 18 home runs and 58 RBI’s, so you can try and pry a good prospect out of a team for this.

Well the Mets 3 GM’s completely suck ass at trading players. We had Familia, who is one of our best closers of all time, get traded for nothing and now this. I know Kilome is a #10 prospect for the Phillies, which isn’t too bad, but the Mets could have gotten something better for Cabrera. Also I’m not bashing Kilome because he could become a good player, but also we don’t need pitching prospects. We need hitters because the only thing the Mets lack this season is good, consistent hitters, and the Mets just traded the only person that’s been doing that this season.

I mean look at Minnesota, who traded Eduardo Escobar, who is having a similar season as Cabrera and is also a rental, for three prospects. It’s ridiculous on how the Mets run this team. They have no GM and the assistant GM’s have no idea what they are doing.

And if the Mets trade Wheeler, I’ll throw a temper tantrum. Wheeler has finally figured out how to be a good quality starter and now the Mets want to get rid of him. You got to be kidding me. The one thing the Mets do good is pitching, and they’re trying to ruin that. The only way I would be happy with the Mets trading Wheeler is if a team gives us a really good prospect. Looking at you Brewers. I wouldn’t mind Keston Hiura who is the Brewers #1 prospect and is the #2 prospect for 2nd baseman coming to the Mets.

The worst part is now he’s on the Phillies. We’ll have have to see him a couple more times this season and I will cry, especially when he destroys us every game.

All in all this may be the final trade for the Mets this trade deadline. The only other player that might be traded is Wheeler, but like I said it has to be a top tier prospect.

Now let’s look at Cabrera’s greatest moment as a Met

And one last time to remember him goodbye

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