Yankee Fans are the Softest Fans in the MLB


Yankee fans are being the most insufferable fans in all of baseball. Yankee fans are treating like Aaron Judge is dead, but it’s only a 2-3 week injury. The fucking Yankee fans last night we’re holding a candlelight vigil because of this injury. I haven’t seen my captain play in over two years.judge-fans.jpg


As a Mets fan, if we had to do this for our big injurys, our fucking arms would fall off. Noah Sydergaard, Yoenis Cespedes, one time a season for David Wright. We need to have a chruch service for Tim Tebow.

Back to why the Yankee fans are soft. As of this blog being written, the Yankees are 65-36 and are 4.5 games behind the Red Sox. Also they are in first place for the AL Wild Card and 4.5 games ahead of the Mariners. I wish the Mets can have that much wins. The Mets have 22 less wins than the Yankees.

You can be in a way worse situation than you think you are. You have Judge out, but you still have the 2017 NL MVP Mike Stanton, the AL wins leader Luis Severino, and as other blogger Billy said to me “If you really think about it we didn’t have Judge for 2 months last year. He was an automatic out after the all star break and we survived.” I think the Yankees will survive this.

So grow a pair of balls Yankees fans because everything will be fine for you. And if they somehow miss the playoffs forget this hit piece and forget what I said. Just think of all the free agents like Harper and Machado you will sign.

PS: Don’t let this distract you as the Mets are the hottest team in Baseball right now as they are on a three game win streak. If Jason Vargas wins tonight I think no one can stop the Mets.

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