Is Aaron Judge the next Yankees captain?

Right now I’m on vacation and I was going to wait til I got home to make this blog but I can’t wait anymore.

So right now the Yankees are completely lost right now. The team is playing bad in every aspect of the game. The silly mistakes are killing this team. When did this start you may ask? Well I can give you the exact date and time. The night that Aaron judge went down.

I was one of the people who thought those other Yankee fans were exaggerating when they were saying this team is going to go downhill. I know we have the talent to be great but I don’t think our players realize it.

So now to the point of this blog. Over the course of this terrible stretch of play I have realized it isn’t judges play that keeps this team together it’s his presence and how he goes about himself. Just like any good captain he keeps his team afloat and doesn’t let them sink when he is playing.

This reminds me of a little person who owns the marlins right now. Was Derek Jeter the best player on the Yankees during his long career no. But what happened when he got hurt in the 2012 playoffs in that tigers series? The team fell apart and came crumbling down. We still had arod and cano but the team wasn’t the same without him.

Does that remind you of something now. Mark my words within 2 years Aaron judge will be named the captain of the Yankees.

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