NBA 2018 Offseason Breakdown: Atlanta Hawks

It is that time of the year again. My favorite blog series where I write about how a team has done in the offseason. I will also write about the strengths and weaknesses of the team and finish of with a prediction for how the team will do in this upcoming season. So lets begin.

Offseason Acquisitions and Loses:                                                                                                 

Hawks trade Dennis Schroder to the Thunder, Mike Muscala to the 76ers for Justin Anderson, Carmelo Anthony, and a 2022 first round pick from the Thunder
This is a pretty good trade for the Hawks. They finally go full rebuild by trading Schroder and receive a future first round pick hoping the Thunder aren’t a good team in 2022. Now of course the Hawks got Carmelo Anthony, but with both Schroder and Muscala’s contracts off the books, the Hawks were able to afford Melo’s contract and release him.

The Hawks trade the #3 pick to the Mavericks for the Mavs #5 pick and a future first and select Trae Young with the #5 pick
This was a very smart move by the Hawks. The Hawks got the player they want with Trae Young and got a future pick. Trae Young had one of the best season in college last year where he was the first person to ever to lead the NCAA in points and assist. Bright future for Young.

Hawks trade the rights of Isaïa Cordinier and a future 2nd round pick for Jeremy Lin and picks
Not much to say here. Lin is a good player and can be a good mentor for Young, but really this trade was made for the Hawks because they want more future draft picks.

Starting 5:
PG: Trae Young
SG: Kent Bazemore
SF: Taurean Prince
PF: John Collins
C: Dewayne Dedmon

The Hawks are a very young team and can have a very bright future. Like I stated before, Trae Young will be a good point guard in the league if he can pass and score like he did in college. And let me not forget of how good of a shooter he was in college. Another player I like on the Hawks is John Collins. Collins had a good rookie season, where he averaged 10.5 PPG, 7.3 RBG, and shot 58% from the field, and made the All NBA 2nd Rookie Team. Also Taurean Prince had a breakout season last year. Prince went from averaging 5.7 PPG in his rookie season to 14.1 PPG and started every game last season. I expect another increase in stats for Prince this season.

The main weakness I’m seeing from the Hawks this season is at the Center position. The Hawks have Dewayne Dedmon, Alex Len, and Miles Plumlee at the 5 this season. Not the best. Now since the Hawks are in a middle of a rebuild, it isn’t the biggest problem since they can easily draft one next year, but if they want to fix the problem now they can trade Lin and Bazemore for one.

Offseason Grade: B

2018-19 Prediction:
Even with the Hawks having a nice young roster, I do not see them doing anything special this season. I say the Hawks will have the worst record in the East for the 2nd straight season and the worst record in the NBA.

That’s all for now. Make sure to check back daily for other teams breakdown as the Boston Celtics will be next.

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