NFL 2018 Season Predictions: NFC East

So with the NFL season just around the corner I thought I should write a blog about how the NFL season will go. Usually I would do an Offseason Breakdown blog, like I do with the MLB and the NBA, but the NFL has much bigger teams and since players are getting cut every day it would be challenging. What I am going to do is go division by division showing my standing and talk about each team. So let’s get into my predictions.

NFC East Standings:

1st: Philadelphia Eagles

2nd: Dallas Cowboys

3rd: New York Giants

4th: Washington Redskins

Before I get in to this blog let me show how breve I am for doing this blog. Why you may ask? It’s because as a Giants fan, my two most hated teams are in the #1 and #2 spot for the standings. So I have to only say good thing about the Eagles and Cowboys.

Of course the defending Super Bowl champs are in first in my rankings. The Eagles only improved this season, especially by adding Michael Bennet and Haloti Ngata. Also a big part to the Eagles success will be if Carson Wentz can come back healthy. Wentz could have won MVP if he never got injured last season. I say the Eagles will end up going 13-3 this season.

The Cowboys might have a chance of being a wildcard team and that all depends on the play of Dak Prescott. Ezekiel Elliot can have a phenomenal season, but if Dak has another season like he had last season it will end up bad. It also doesn’t help that the Cowboys have no good receivers on the team. The only good receiver they have is Cole Beasley, who you don’t want to be your #1 receiver. I say the Cowboys will finish 9-7 this season.

And now onto the Giants. After a horrible season last year where the Giants were supposed to be a powerhouse of a team, injury, players not caring, and a bad coach lead the Giants to the second worst record in the NFL. With Saquon Barkley joining this team, it gives the Giants an huge option instead of throwing the ball every play. It will also help Odell get open more if Saquon is the player he’s supposed to be. Because of the offense getting better, and I think the defense will try this season, I have the Giants going 7-9 this season.

The Redskins are a team where I don’t know what they will do. With new quarterback Alex Smith it could be a really interesting situation to see what happens. Smith has a really good season last year that was very unexpected. But that was because the Chiefs had some really good players like, Hill, Kelce, and Hunt. But now, Smith teammates are a decrease (don’t get me wrong, Jordan Reed is a really good TE, but is always injured. With all that said I say the Redskins finish 5-11 this season.

The NFC East can be a really competitive team this year, but the Eagles will reign supreme for the second straight season.

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