NBA 2018 Offseason Breakdown: Chicago Bulls

Back again for the Offseason Breakdown blog, now onto the Chicago Bulls. I’ll write about what the Bulls did in the offseason, the teams starting 5, strengths and weaknesses, and how I think the Bulls will do this season. Let’s start

Offseason Acquisitions and Loses:
Bulls sign Jabari Parker to a 2 year $40 million contract
This is a pretty good signing by the Bulls. The Bulls are still in rebuild mode, so signing someone young and good like Jabari Parker is a steal they just need him to stay healthy. Parker, already having 2 ACL injuries in the past, the two year deal makes it even better.
Bulls resign Zach LaVine to a 4 year $78 million contract
Now I don’t know how I feel about this deal. LaVine making $78 million dollars is a lot, but Lavine is a pretty good scorer. The Bulls had a chance to let the Kings sign him, but the Bulls were able to match the contract. Obviously the Bulls want him for the future of the team.
Bulls draft Wendell Carter Jr. with the #7 pick
This was a weird draft pick for the Bulls to make. The Bulls already drafted Lauri Markkanen with the same pick last year and he had a really good rookie season. So with Markkanen and Parker both on the team, Wendell might not have a lot of playing time in his first season. The Bulls should’ve looked at Kevin Knox (thank God they didn’t) or Mikal Bridges with the 7th pick since they have a need for a SF.

Starting 5:
PG: Kris Dunn
SG: Zach LaVine
SF: Justin Holiday
PF: Jabari Parker
C: Lauri Markkanen

The star from last season was Lauri Markkenan, as he had a unexpected rookie season. Markkanen was able to show up the Porzingis comparisons as he averaged 15.2 PPG and 7.5 RPG. These Stats helped Markkenan make the NBA 1st Rookie Team. Another player to watch this season is Zach Lavine. LaVine was only able to play 24 games last year as he came off the ACL injury, but in those 24 games he was able to put up 16.7 PPG, 3 APG, 3.7 RPG. When healthy LaVine knows how to score.

When looking at biggest weaknesses on the Bulls I would say its Jabari Parker. When healthy Parker can put up 20 PPG, but last year he came back from his second ACL tear and didn’t do much to impress. In 31 games Parker only averaged 12.6 PPG and 4.9 RPG. Now I know he only started 3 games, but his shooting percentages didn’t look much better as Parker shoot a career worse 48%. Hopefully a new team can help him have a come back season and get those stats up.

Offseason Grade: B+

Prediction: The Bulls are still in the middle of the rebuild and I think they will continue to do that this season. I say the Bulls will finish 11th in the Eastern Conference.

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