Week 1 Thursday Night Football: Atlanta Falcons V. Philadelphia Eagles

Before I start the blog, let me state on what I do in these football blogs since I’m assuming you are new. I’m basically a gambler, just waiting for it to become legal and this is my place to talk about that. I write about every NFL game going on during the week and I tell you who is going to cover the spread. I also talk about whose going to win those games. So, this season I will track every game I predict and show my record based on the spread and who I said was going to win the game. So with that out of the way, lets get into the game.

Atlanta Falcons V. Philadelphia Eagles (PK)

patOh baby its one of the best times of the year as NFL football is back. Now you might say there was preseason football or that college football started last week, but I could care less about preseason football, its really for the players playing for a spot on their team. Also, since I’m from New York and I’m not going to college that has a football team, I can never really get into college football. So tonight, and especially Sunday are the biggest days for me.

And the NFL gave us a really good game to start off the season with. We got the 2017 NFC champs, the Atlanta Falcons, going against the 2018 Super Bowl champs, the Philadelphia Eagles. And you know its going to be a good game where the game is a pick’em. And since it’s a pick’em, it makes it even harder to chose whose going to win.

With the Eagles you have them adding HUGE pieces like Micheal Bennett, Haloti Ngata, and Daryl Worley, making their defense much more scarier than it already was. But you still never know if Nick Foles can be reliable. I know he proved everyone wrong last season, but this is a whole new season so we’ll have to wait and see with him. Also, it doesn’t help that Alshon Jeffery will miss tonight’s game due to injury.

But, even with Foles starting the season and Jeffery not playing tonight, I say the Eagles will win tonight’s game. The Eagles defense looks too good and I say they will stop Matt Ryan and his offense. And of course, since its a pick’em, the Eagles will cover the spread.

I can’t wait for football to be back, especially Sunday with the Giants playing and Fantasy Football really starting up. And if you are interested, Sunday morning my 1:00 game predictions will be released, so you can follow me on Twitter to see when I post those games.

PS: Give me credit because last year I would steal the photos of the teams helmet from some website, so this year I decided to steal two separate pictures and photo shopped them together myself. Very big of me, I know.

PPS: Before I posted this blog, I just saw the game is delayed. Better hurry up. faint



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