Jacksonville Jaguars V. New York Giants

Here we are Giant fans. The New York Football Giants are back, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t very hyped for this season. The Giants offense will be a major improvement from last year as Odell will be returning, we signed Nate Solder, and drafted Saquon Barkley and Will Hernandez. Good news this week was that TE Evan Engram cleared concussion protocol so he will play this week. The Giants have a really good offense with Odell, Shepard, Engram, and Barkley. If the Giants could protect Eli and Barkley the Giants might have a chance.

And with the defense, we still have Landon Collins and Damon Harrison, who are some of the best players at their positions, hopefully Janoris Jenkins can get back on track and play like he did in the 2016 season, and we were able to get players like Alec Ogletree and Connor Barwin. I’ve been saying for the a while now that the Giants need to get better linebackers and Ogletree and Barwin could be those players. The thing that sucks tho is that Olivier Vernon won’t play this week, so that will be a whole the Giants need to fill.

Now the Giants will face the traveling Jaguars and man I am scared of this team. The Jaguars were 1 half away from making the Super Bowl, and that was because they have the best defense in the league. Players like Jalen Ramsey, A.J. Bouye, and Calais Campbell, are some scary player to be going against.

Some might think the Jaguars offense isn’t much because Blake Bortles isn’t that good, but I’m a big believer in Bortles. If Bortles have receivers he could be a much better QB. But the player I fear on the Jags offense is Leonard Fournette. If the Giants can’t stop Fournette, I can see the Jaguars making that a main focus on their offense and him running a train on us.

I think the game will be close, but sadly I say the Jaguars will win. Their defense is too good, and I think the Giants offense will need a couple weeks to get started, especially since Barkley only played one preseason game and Odell none. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I never am.

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