NFL 2018 Week 1 4:00 Games Predction

With the 1:00 games over with, we are now onto the second half of the games today. I will give my records in my SNF game, but for now lets get straight into the 4:00 games.

Kansas City Chiefs V. Los Angeles Chargers (-3.5)
New starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes will be heading to L.A. to play Phillip Rivers and the Chargers. This will be a fun game because both teams are very good all around. With the Chiefs you have Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt, and Travis Kelce, all very scary options for the Chiefs, it all depends on if Mahomes can play good. Right now I don’t think Mahomes is ready so I have the Chargers winning and covering the spread.

Dallas Cowboys V. Carolina Panthers (-3.0)
Now we head to North Carolina as the Panthers take on the Cowboys. We have the Cowboys coming off a letdown season last year and with key players leaving, like Dez Bryant, or injured, like Travis Frederick, its hard to tell what the Cowboys will be able to do this season. Also the Cowboys have a very bad defense so I can see Cam Newton and the Panthers offense having a really good game. I say the Panthers will start the season with a win and they will cover the spread.

Washington Redskins V. Arizona Cardinals (-2.0)
Now we have the Redskins traveling a long way to Arizona to take on the Cardinals and I am interested in this game. The reason is, will the Cardinals be a competent team this season. The Cardinals were able to sign QB Sam Bradford after Carson Palmer retired and will have David Johnson back after a season ending injury last year. But for some reason, the Cards released star safety Tyrann Mathieu because he wouldn’t take a pay cut. I say the Cardinals will be able to come out of this game with a win and they will cover the spread.

Seattle Seahawks V. Denver Broncos (-3.0)
With the final game of the 4:00 games we see a much different Seahawks go against the Broncos. I say the Seahawks are much different because they lost major players like Richard Sherman, Micheal Bennett, and Jimmy Graham this offseason. But for the Broncos, they had a major improvement, signing Case Keenum. Keenum had a breakout season with the Vikings last year, so for the Broncos to get Keenum is huge. I think the Broncos will win the game and cover the spread.

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