Monday Night Football Prediction

2018 Record: 7-5-1
2018 Spread Record: 5-8-1

Great start for me to begin the season with negative record predicting the spread, but hey, what can you do. Just look at my record predicting the winners of each game, that one is much better. And now we have 2 more games to finish off week 1, so lets get into predictions.

New York Jets V. Detroit Lions (-7)
Now before I get into the game, let me start with that this is a HUGE spread. -7 is quite big for this Lions team. Also, I hate to say it, but I think the Jets will be a team to watch out for this season. Do I think they will win 10 games. No, of course not. But, I think the Jets are going to be an annoying team to play because they will keep most games close. With that being said, I think the Lions will win the first MNF game, but the Jets will cover tonight’s spread.

Los Angeles Rams (-6.0) V. Oakland Raiders
And with the final game of the night, we have the Rams going to Oakland to play the Raiders. One week ago most people thought this would be a nice competitive game, the spread opened up at -3. But now we have a Khalil Mack-less Raiders and the spread went up to -6. It also doesn’t help that the Rams made huge moves in the offseason. The Rams able to sign Ndamukong Suh and traded for stars like Marcus Peters, Aqib Talib, and Brandon Cooks. This team made such improvements that they made themselves the NFC favorites to go to the Super Bowl. So I have the Rams winning tonight’s game and covering the spread.

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