Baltimore Ravens V. Cincinnati Bengals

2018 Record: 8-6-1
2018 Spread Record: 7-8-1

Baltimore Ravens V. Cincinnati Bengals (PK)

Week 2 is underway and we have a very lackluster way to start it off. I like the Ravens, they are an interesting team, but the Bengals, I could care less about them. The only good thing about this game is it gets these bad TNF games out of the way, in order to have more interesting games on Thursday night is a good thing.

The Ravens had a dominate week against the Bills last week, almost shutting out Buffalo. Baltimore was able to put 40 unanswered points last week, but surprisingly, Joe Flacco didn’t have a great game. Flacco only was able to throw 236 yards last week, you would expect him to have a +350 yards games like Brees and Fitzpatrick did, but he didn’t. The Ravens did have the luck of going against Nathan Peterman so you know you will have a dominate game. The Ravens were able to win their first game 3-47.

The Bengals played the Colts last week and in a shock to me, the Bengals got the dub. The main key to the Bengals winning was the Bengals offense playing pretty good. A.J. Green had 95 yards and a touchdown, and Joe Mixon, who played in his first career opening day start, had 95 rushing yards, 1 touchdown, and 54 receiving yards. All of this got the Bengals starting off the season 1-0 winning 34-23.

But even with their good game against the Colts, I don’t think the Bengals are a very good team. That’s why I think the Ravens will win tonight’s game and cover the spread.

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