David Wright Says he’s Done with Baseball After This Season

Oh this is the saddest, hardest blog I have ever had to write and I have very little words to describe what’s going on. I always had a hope that Wright would be able to come back from this horrible injury and be an everyday player once again, but fate didn’t let it happen. This is my first time I am writing about a major player’s retirement since I started writing blogs, and for it to be David Wright is the worst part. Wright is my favorite sports athlete of all time, and was a lot for many other Met fans. David Wright has been in the Mets orginization for almost as long as I’ve been born. I remember when I was 7 years old watching Wright playing at Shea Stadium, and now he will be playing his final game.

And in the press conference, it was very hard to watch as a fan. Just to watch Wright choke up on his words and wipe his face with a towel made my heartbreak. The one that hurt him the worst was when he mentioned his wife and daughters. Him talking about how he want’s his daughters to see him play baseball really tugs on the heartstrings.

Wright also mentioned when he was talking to his teammates about this, that telling Jose Reyes was the hardest. As much of a Jose Reyes hater I’ve been this year, it will be awesome to see the two stand next to each other one last time. I hope that Reyes gets the start that day.

Yes David Wright never mentioned retirement, but I don’t want to talk about that. The Wilpon’s probably told him not to say “I’m retiring” for insurance purposes, but I don’t want to talk about the Wilpon’s on this sad day. It’s all about Wright.

But with Wright, even though this was probably the hardest day in his career, he was able to make light of the situation. Making jokes about thinking the press conference was for an extension (which Jeff Wilpon did not like at all) and apologizing for whoever is pitching the day he gets the start. This is what makes Wright such a fan favorite.

In my opinion I think Wright is the greatest Met player of all time. Everything he did with this team was amazing. Him staying with the Mets during the 2008-14 years when the Mets were the worst or close to the worst team in baseball shows how loyal he was to the team And not to mention all the stats he leads in or is close to leading in all time for the Mets.


Now lets look at all of David’s all time moments that will cheer you up.

Fuck. This actually made me cry.

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