NBA 2018 Offseason Breakdown: Dallas Mavericks

Back again for the Offseason Breakdown blog, now onto the Dallas Mavericks. I’ll write about what the Mavs did in the offseason, the teams starting 5, strengths and weaknesses, and how I think the Mavericks will do this season. Let’s start.

Offseason Acquisitions and Loses:
Mavericks trade the #5 pick and the 2019 first round pick to Atlanta for the #3 pick and select Luka Doncic with the #3 pick

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, this was a very good trade for both sides. On the Mavericks side, they were able to move up two spots in order to draft Doncic. Doncic has all the potential to be one of the best shooting guards in the NBA in the future and I think he will. Very good pick.
Dirk Nowitzki resigns with a 1 year $5 million contract
I was very happy to see that Dirk is staying in the NBA for one more season. The Mavericks had a very funny offseason as they declined his $5 million player option, just to sign him back for $5 million. Made absolutely no sense, probably made Mavs fans nervous he wont return. I think this will be Dirk’s final season sadly. Lets just hope for a good season.
DeAndre Jordan Signs a 1 year $22 million contract

Mark Cuban finally got his man with DeAndre Jordan 4 years too late. This contract really doesn’t make much sense to me since the Mavericks are now in rebuild mode, so adding a player like Jordan makes no sense. I guess they really don’t care about this season since they don’t have a first round pick this year.

Starting 5:
PG: Dennis Smith Jr.
SG: Luka Doncic
SF: Harrison Barnes
PF:Dirk Nowitzki
C: DeAndre Jordan

With Smith and Doncic in the backcourt, this will be one of the most athletic backcourts in the NBA. Smith had a nice rookie season where he ranked 5th in PPG for rookies, with 15.2, and third in assist for rookies, with 5.2. Smith and Doncic will be a very fun duo to watch now and in the future. Another person to talk about is DeAndre Jordan. Everyone knows he one of the best defensive and rebounders in the NBA. And lets not forget before last season he lead the NBA in field goal percentage for 5 straight seasons.

The one bad thing with the Mavericks trading their 2019 first round pick is, they are not a good team. The Mavs had a terrible season last year as they went 24-58. Jordan and Doncic won’t be able to improve the team by much, so how much better off a season can this team have. Especially when they have a very “meh” bench. Also, the Mavericks didn’t do anything to improve the teams bench. Their best player off the bench will be Wesley Matthews, and Matthews hasn’t been good since he signed his contract with the Mavericks.

Offseason Grade: B-

Prediction: Like I said in the weaknesses, the Mavs aren’t a very good team. And with that I have them finishing 14th in the Western Conference. The Hawks will get a really good pick.

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