New York Giants V. Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants V. Dallas Cowboys (-3.0)

The Giants are back and are in Dallas to play the Cowboys. Now this might be the first time ever that the Giants are in Dallas to play the Cowboys on SNF, but that might just be me. So with this game I like the Giants chances. The Giants played the Jaguars last week, and offensively, they didn’t play the best, but players like Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham looked great. Both players had +100 yards for their position, and the defense didn’t play bad either. The Giants defense was able to hold the Jacksonville offense to 305 total yards and Janoris Jenkins got an interception during the game. The Giants had a chance to win, but a muffed punt with 54 seconds cost the Giants the game and the Jags won 20-15.

The cowboys on the other hand had a terrible game against the Panthers. Dak Prescott was only able to throw for 170 yards and Zeke only had 69 rushing yards. The Cowboys need those two players to step up if they want to be serious contenders this season. One positive Cowboy fans can get out of that game was their defense played pretty good. Dallas held the Panthers to 293 total yards, pretty impressive for a defense that I thought wasn’t going to be very good this season. Dallas ended up losing 8-16.

Like I said up above, I am confident in this Giants game tonight. I think the Giants will win tonight game, and Saquon Barkley will be a big part in tonight game. And of course that means the Giants will cover.

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