NFL 2018 Week 2 1:00 Games Prediction

After a week 1 where we had surprises like the Browns tying the Steelers, or the Bengals looking really good against the Colts, and now the Ravens we are on to a week 2 where we have a pretty good slate of games. So lets get into my predictions.

2018 Record: 8-7-1
2018 Spread Record: 7-9-1

Kansas City Chiefs V. Pittsburgh Steelers (-4.0)
So of course I said last week that I don’t trust Patrick Mahomes yet, and of course he balls out against the Chargers throwing 256 yards and 4 touchdowns. But the person who went off for the Chiefs was Tyreek Hill. Hill had 7 receptions, 169 yards, 2 touchdowns, and a punt return touchdown The Chiefs were able to take down L.A. 38-28. And then we go on to Pittsburgh where they tied the God damn Browns. One of the most hilarious games to watch after a miss field goal from Pittsburgh and a blocked field goal, that would have easily went in if not block, in OT to end in a tie. So now I’m going to jump on the Mahomes bandwagon and say that the Chiefs will win and cover today. The Chiefs looked very impressive against L.A. and also we don’t know how healthy Big Ben is since he missed most of the week due to injury.

Indianapolis Colts V. Washington Redskins (-6.0)
Another terrible take I had was that Arizona was going to beat Washington, and guess what happened. Washington holds the Cardinals to only 6 points as they beat the Cardinals 24-6. Adrian Peterson had a surprising game, as he had 96 rushing yards, 1 rushing touchdown, and 70 receiving yards. But with the Colts, they had a let down game as I thought the Colts would get a nice easy win. Even with the Colts loss, Andrew Luck did look really good in his return, as he threw for 319 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 1 interception. This is a very hard pick for me because my gut is telling me the Redskins wont have a repeat week, but my head is telling me to stick with the Redskins here. And I am as the Redskins will win and cover.

Philadelphia Eagles (-3.0) V. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
It may just be me, but the Eagles TNF game felt like weeks ago. The game was very boring and Nick Foles did not impress. Foles went 19-34 and threw for 117 yards and 1 interception. The Eagles may already be missing Carson Wentz, but somehow the Eagles won 12-18. But the Buccaneers were the surprise of the week. We had the return of “FitzMagic”, as Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 417 yards and 4 touchdowns against a defense that I thought improved a lot. I think this game was a fluke and the Eagles defense will stop Fitzpatrick, as the Eagles will win and cover the spread.

Miami Dolphins V. New York Jets (-3.0)
Miami travels up to New York after one of the most hectic games I have seen in a while. Miami had multiple delays due to lightning and one delay was so long both teams agreed to skip halftime. Miami was able to get out of the game with a 20-27 victory over Tennessee. But the more important thing was how good the Jets played. The Jets went into Detroit and took over. With the Jets defense looking awesome and Sam Darnold playing pretty good, the Jets won 48-17, scoring 31 points in the third quarter. I have the Jets winning and covering the spread against the Dolphins, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the game was close throughout.

Los Angeles Chargers (-7.0) V. Buffalo Bills
And now we have the Chargers going all the way East to take on the Bills, and man did the Bills look awful. For some reason I thought the Bills would be able to hold off the Bills and cover the huge +7.5 spread, but man I was wrong. I should have knew when Nathan Peterman was starting the game, that Buffalo had no chance. But now, the Bills said that they are going to start Josh Allen at QB this, and I think its going to be the difference maker. I still think that the Chargers are going to win, but Buffalo will cover the spread, because once again, I think its too high.

Houston Texans (-4.0) V. Tennessee Titans
Man o man this is going to be the easiest game to call, and for one reason and one reason only. Just minutes from me writing this blog, I saw this tweet.

If Marcus Mariota doesn’t play today it is very clear who’s going to win today. The Texans will win and they are my lock of the week.

Carolina Panthers V. Atlanta Falcons (-5.5)
Another game that I am confident in, we have Carolina going south to Atlanta to play the Falcons. Carolina had a strong defensive game against the Cowboys last week, where they held Dallas scoreless until 8 minutes left in the 4th. And the Panthers offense didn’t look to bad as they were able to get 293 total yards in a 8-16 victory. But the Falcons, they looked terrible against the Eagles last week. Matt Ryan couldn’t find anyone, not even Julio, in the endzone all game. And with Devonta Freeman missing a couple weeks due to an injury, I wonder how good the Falcons will be. I say the Falcons will lose this game and Carolina will cover the spread with ease. I can see the Falcons winning this game, but there is no way the Falcons are beating the Panthers by more than 5 points.

Cleveland Browns V. New Orleans Saints (-9.5)
This is another game in which I want to stick with my gut feeling, but my head is telling me otherwise. On one hand we did see the Browns tie the Pittsburgh Steelers, which is a pretty hard thing to do if you’re the Browns. And the Saints did just lose to Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Buccaneers. But my head is telling me to stick with the Saints here just because it’s the Cleveland Browns. And you know what, going to stick with my head on this one. Cleveland isn’t a good football team. The Saints are, and so the Saints are going to win and cover the spread.

Minnesota Vikings V. Green Bay Packers (-1.0) 
As the Vikings travels to Green play to play the Packers, I see this game being the game of the week. Both teams are very good and I am interested to see if Aaron Rodgers is healthy enough to play. Also I think this is a very easy pick for me. The Vikings defense is top 3 in the league and they will show that as they will destroy the Packers. The Vikings will win this game and cover the spread with no doubt in my mind.

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