NFL 2018 Week 2 4:00 Games Prediction

Arizona Cardinals V. Los Angeles Rams (-12.0)
We start of the later games with the biggest spread of the week. We have the Arizona Cardinals, who had a terrible week against the Redskins, where the Cardinals only scored 6 points off a David Johnson touchdown. The Cards defense looked terrible as the team could only get a total of 213 yards. And now the Cardinals have to go against a much better defense, going against the Rams. Last Monday, the Rams held the Raiders scoreless for the whole second half, and I don’t need to mention how good of a running back Todd Gurley is. With that said I think this will be a blowout, as the Rams will win and cover against the spread.

Detroit Lions V. San Francisco 49ers (-6.0)
Now this game is a terrible spread. I know Detroit had a terrible game against the Jets, but c’mon. The 49ers, mainly Jimmy G, had a terrible week too. Garoppolo threw for less yards then Stafford, same amount of touch downs, and the same amount of interceptions. Also, I think it was just a bad week for Matt Patricia and the Lions. I say the Lions will win and cover.

New England Patriots (-1.5) V. Jacksonville Jaguars
This was a close to being my game of the week, but I went with the Vikings Pakcers game instead. But still this game will be awesome. Mainly we get to see Tom Brady go against the best defense in the league. Tom Brady had a good week against the Texans last week as he threw for 277 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 1 interception. One problem the Jaguars tho is there offense didn’t play the best against the Giants. Blake Bortles only had 176 yards, and even worse news, Leonard Fournette will not play. Very bad news as the Jaguars are a run first type of offense. And with Fournette not playing, I say the Pats will win and cover. The Jags really need Fournette back if they want to win big games like this.

Oakland Raiders V. Denver Broncos (-6.0)
The thing the Broncos needed was a QB that can keep the team in the game, and I am confident in saying this. Case Keenum is that man. Keenum had a decent game against the Seahawks, where he threw for 329 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions. I know the interceptions don’t look good, but all the Broncos need is those touchdowns. The Broncos defense is still really good and a force not to be messed with. And David Carr did not do good last week. Carr had 3 interceptions agaisnt the Rams and could not score in the second half. I say the Broncos will win and cover against the Raiders.

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