New York Giants V. Houston Texans

New York Giants V. Houston Texans

Week 3 is here for the New York Giants and the Giants head down to Houston, Texas to take on the Texans, and one of the two teams will get their first win of the season. With the Giants, I expected them to have this record, I said that they wont win their first game until Week 8 against the Redskins. But the first two weeks of the season, the Giants offense have looked terrible, especially last week. Eli Manning had zero time in the pocket, getting sacked 6 times, and Saquon Barkley was only able to get 28 rushing yards. Not good. Also the Giants finally got their first points late in the third quarter. Eli Manning would get his first passing touchdown of the season in garbage time, but it wouldn’t be enough as the Giants lost to the Cowboys 13-20.

Now the Texans had just as bad of a game last week as they played Blaine Gabbert and the Tennessee Titans. Now I said the Texans would get an easy win against the Titans because of Gabbert being the starting QB, but for some reason the Texans couldn’t take the lead from the Titans. But the Texans had a chance to win/tie the game, but Deshaun Watson took 17 seconds on the final play to throw the ball after crossing the line of scrimmage. All time dumb moves as the Texans lost to the Titans 17-20.

So even with the Texans early struggles, I think the Texans will use this game to start up their season. I can see their d-line killing us, like every team will this season, and there hasn’t been much to be excited for with the Giants defense. I say the Texas will win this game, but it could be close.


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