NFL Week 3 1:00 Games Predictions

Week 3 is here and man did I have a terrible week last week. Some reason the Texans were a dud against the Titans, Cincinnati continued to prove me wrong, Jacksonville was a powerhouse against the Pats, and New Orleans defense is back to being bad. But this is a whole new week and I already got the Browns game correct, so lets hope for a better week.

Last week record: 6-9-1
Last week spread record: 5-11
Total record: 14-16-2
Total spread record: 12-18-1

Cincinnati Bengals V. Carolina Panthers (-2.5)
I am determined that this week is the week I am correct about the Bengals. Week one they had a nice win over Indy, and last week I fell into the trap of, “the Ravens killed the Bills, so they will definitely beat the Bengals by a lot. But this week the Bengals play a team in which I know is a good team. The Panthers had a hard loss against the Falcons, but they kept it close for the whole game. I think the Panther will beat the Bengals and cover the spread with ease.

New Orleans Saints V. Atlanta Falcons (-2.0)
So what the hell is wrong with the Saints. For some reason the team isn’t able to cover the spread against bad teams. Week one they start up Fitzmagic and get cooked by the Buccs, and last week they had a very close game against the Browns when the spread was -9.5. And now the Saints travel to Atlanta to play a much improved Falcons from week one. Atlanta went from putting up 12 points against the Eagles to 31 against the Panthers. So I have Atlanta winning today’s game and covering the spread.

Tennessee Titans V. Jacksonville Jaguars (-10.0)
The Titans head to Jacksonville this week to take on the Jaguars, and they are yet again without QB Marcus Mariota. Last week I thought it was a lock that the Titans would lose to the Texans, but somehow, someway the Titans were victorious, but that was against the Texans. Now the Titans go against the Jaguars, and the Jags laid a beating against the Patriots last week. Blake Bortles had a really good game as he threw for 376 yards, 4 touchdowns, and 1 interception. I first thought about how the spread is way too high, but I think the Jags will win and cover today’s spread.

Denver Broncos V. Baltimore Ravens (-6.0)
So the Broncos travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens, and man is this spread making me scratch my head. Baltimore had a bad week 2 performance against the Bengals last week so why are they the favorite. I know Denver made a really close game against the Raiders, but I think the Broncos are the better team here. And that is why the Broncos winning and covering is my lock of the week.

Buffalo Bills V. Minnesota Vikings (-16.5)
My lord that is an hilariously high spread and you know what I love it. Buffalo has just been the worst team in the NFL going 0-2 to start the season and the Browns Bills will stay winless. The Vikings team is just too good as they would be 2-0 if it wasn’t for terrible kicking. But hey now they got one of the best kickers in the league with Dan Bailey. So the Vikings will win and cover the spread.

San Francisco 49ers V. Kansas City Chiefs (-6.0) 
Jimmy G and the Niners head to Kansas City to take on the very impressive Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. And man, thank God I never said anything bad about Mahomes to start the season because I would look like an idiot if I did. So I will continue to support Mahomes and say the Chiefs win and cover this game.

Indianapolis Colts V. Philadelphia Eagles (-6.5)
So I am going to do the same thing I did with Carson Wentz that I did with Mahomes and say I am not going to trust him until he proves me wrong. Also Eagles are without #1 running back Jay Ajayi and wide receiver Alshon Jeffery is out for another week. And lets not forget how good Andrew Luck is, he will keep the Colts in this game. I do have the Eagles winning because they still have a really good defense, but Indy will cover.

Oakland Raiders V. Miami Dolphins (-3.0)
So last week I was convinced by my Jets friend that the Jets would beat the Dolphins, and of course the Jets couldn’t score. The Dolphins held the Jets to only 12 point. and played fine defense getting 2 interceptions against Sam Darnold. But with the Raiders they had a really close game against the Broncos last week, but the Raiders were only able to score 7 points in the second half and the Broncos won on a game winning field goal to win 19-20.I think the Dolphins will continue to be undefeated as they will beat the Raiders and cover.

New York Giants V. Houston Texans (-6.0)
You can see my full breakdown on the game here, but I have the Texans beating the Giants, but the spread is too high in my opinion so the Giants will cover.

Green Bay Packers (-2.5) V. Washington Redskins 
With the final game of the early games, we have the Packers going to the nation’s capital to take on the Redskins. Now Aaron Rodgers didn’t do much to impress last week against the Vikings as he had 281 and 1 touchdown, but that was against the Vikings defense. Now he faces the Redskin and I see him torching them up today. The Packers will win today’s game and cover the spread easily.

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