As you can tell I am very happy with this signing of Karlton Anthony Towns. He was signed to a super max contract of 190M dollars as first reported by Woj himself. I will admit it if you look at my old blogs I was excited for jimmy, a top 20 player that would give the Twolves the push they needed to make the playoffs, but after everything I’ve heard about him and what he did I find it out right disgusting. Now they are just rumors, but are probably true if you look at all the deleting and Kat actually breaking up with his gf, the rumor was that Jimmy slept with Karl’s girl Kawa Andrade & he can go fuck himself life that, or her for that matter. There were also rumors with clashes with him & Wiggins about work ethic, as to that I see his point but maybe take the kid under your wing and not constantly bitch about your teammates as you’re the one who was out for half a season. He’s a locker room cancer and what else is great is this means it may be the end of the line for Thibs, whom I’ve stated I’ve hated, although he signed all those bulls players they were only to a one year deal and I don’t mind some of them. Taj I like as well as D-rose IIIIIIF that means he’s coming off the bench. Anyways I can’t wait for 5 more years of Kat he deserved every penny.

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