ESPN Ranks Jacob deGrom 6th in Their Cy Young Predictor

2018-09-28 (3)

stephen a


I mean WTF is this. I was just enjoying my day off scrolling through Instagram, and then I saw a post that said ESPN ranked deGrom 6th for NL Cy Young. I thought it was a joke and looked it up. No. Not a joke, just ESPN saying Max Scherzer, Aaron Nola, Kyle Freeland, Jon Lester, and Miles Mikolas have a better chance of winning Cy Young then Jacob deGrom.

deGrom is the only pitcher in the NL to have an ERA below 2.00 and only pitcher in the MLB to have a ERA lower than 1.80. Those are Cy young numbers. deGrom’s ERA is 1.70 and the closest in the NL is Aaron Nola at 2.45. And if you are an idiot and say look at his win loss record, well your and idiot. Look at these tweets.

If the Mets would just 2 runs a game for him, deGrom would have the record in the MLB. So wins shouldn’t be a deciding factor in picking Cy Young. The man had no run support the whole season, and people think his record should determine the outcome of the award.

And I get if you want to say Nola or Scherzer for Cy Young, I’m not going to be as mad because both had phenomenal seasons, but putting Freeland, Lester, and Mikolas, who have average ERA’s, above deGrom is just disgusting. I mean there’s a reason why deGrom is the only pitcher that is being discussed for MVP (I know Christian Yelich is going to win it, but deGrom is in the conversation).

Also Ricochet shot at the Yankees, how is Luis Severino higher then Chris Sale. I mean Chris Sale is most likely going to be the runner up for Cy Young behind Blake Snell. 2nd best ERA in the AL and ESPN ranked him 9th for the AL.

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