New Orleans Saints V. New York Giants

New Orleans Saints V. New York Giants

Watch out New Orleans because the New York Giants are back, and they couldn’t be better. Now some might say “hey SmallDog, don’t you think you are over exaggerating that Giants win from last week” and I say maybe, but I haven’t been so happy to see a Giants game in a while. Now the shitty part is that we have to go against Drew Brees and the Saints and I wouldn’t lie if I was a little shook because of what happened last time we took on the Saints.

Just the classic, both defenses are really really really bad and the finals score is 49-52 game. And not much as changed as both defenses haven’t improved much since then. But hey, that was in New Orleans, so maybe something will change.

But last week we saw the Giants play a really good game. Eli Manning had 297 yards and 2 touchdowns, we saw Saquon Barkley have a good rushing game, rushing for 82 yards and 1 touchdown, and Odell had 109 yards on 9 receptions. Just need Odell to get his first touchdown of the season.

But for the Giants offense, I think Sterling Shepard will have a good game. The Saints have a decent defense, but just like every other team the Saints will put all their focus on Odell Beckham Jr. So I think Shepard will get his 2nd touchdown of the season today.

The thing that suck about the Saints is how good their passing offense is. Drew Brees #1 target is Michael Thomas, who is on pace to destroy the most receptions in a single season, and he has 38 receptions for 398 yards and 3 touchdowns throughout three games this season. Crazy. And if Brees can’t find any of his receivers, he has his running back Alvin Kamara who has 30 receptions for 298 yards already this season. Insane. Drew Brees is still somehow one of the best QB’s in the NFL at 39 years old.

I think this will be a HIGH scoring game and the Saints will win this game. Sucks that the Giants have such a hard schedule to start the season, but shit happens.

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