NFL 2018 Week 4 1:00 Games Prediction

Week 4 is here and we have some decent games today, but none that I am too interested in. And apologies for missing the TNF game, I fell asleep through the whole game, but I did have the Rams winning and covering at -7. So Lets begin.

Last Weeks Record: 7-9
Last Weeks Spread Record: 6-10
2018 Record: 26-21-2
2018 Spread Record: 18-29-2
Locks of the Week: 1-2

Detroit Lions V. Dallas Cowboys (-2.5)
Last week on SNF we saw Matt Patricia and the Lions get their first win of the season against the Patriots. A shocking victory for the Lions as they haven’t looked good all season and much thought this was the game that would bring back the Patriots. But the Lions defense played amazing as they keep the Patriots to 209 yards in the 10-26 victory. And the Cowboys, they just played really bad last week. I thought the Cowboys would would have another good game as they played an even worse oline from the week before, but the Cowboys just couldn’t find any passing offense. Dak would throw for only 168 yards and 2 interceptions in the loss. I think the Cowboys being the favorite here is incorrect, so the Lions will win and cover in Dallas today.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers V. Chicago Bears (-3.0)
I really hate to do this, but the Fitzmagic will be over after this game. The Bears, in my opinion, have one of the scariest defenses in the league, and that’s just because of their linebackers. Mack, Floyd, and Trevathan are one of the scariest trios in the game, and now Fitz has to go against that. Fitzpatrick already had a bad game about Steelers and I think we will see it happen against the Bears. Bears will win and cover the spread.

Miami Dolphins V. New England Patriots (-6.5)
If there was ever a game to see a shit pumping, it would be this game right here. So for the first 3 weeks of the season, the Dolphins offenses hasn’t looked good, and they would win most of their games either with defense or special teams. Well now they are going against an angry Patriots team who had 2 back to back double digit losses. Tom Brady won’t allow the Pats to lose this game. And we might get to see Josh Gordon today. I have the Patriots winning and covering the spread.

Cincinnati Bengals V. Atlanta Falcons (-3.5)
So Cincinnati lost their first game of the season last week against the Panthers, but the offense actually looked really good. Andy Dalton threw for over 350 yards, but his only problem was he threw for 4 interceptions, he needs to control the ball better this week. The Falcons lost a crusher and screwed many as they allowed Drew Brees scored the last two touchdowns in the game to win the game. So since I correctly picked the Bengals for once, I will finally take the Bengals to win and cover today’s game. Falcons defense hasn’t looked good all season, so expect a big game for the Bengals today.

Buffalo Bills V. Green Bay Packers (-9.5)
Here are my thought on last week with the Billsjosh allen.gif

God damn the Bills killed the Vikings last week. And just because of that I think they will do it again… OK no I don’t because the Packers will win, but the Bills will cover and keep it close.

Houston Texans V. Indianapolis Colts (PK)
So the Texans have looked terrible this season. You know its bad when J.J. Watt has 3 sacks against the Giants, but you still lose the game 27-22. And the Colts, they looked pretty good through the first 3 weeks. Last week the Colts were close to beating the Eagles, but due to a late touchdown by the Eagles, the Colts lost 16-20. I think the Colts will win and of course that means they will cover today’s game.

New York Jets V. Jacksonville Jaguars (-7.5)
So I have no clue who to pick this week because both teams looked bad last week, and for the Jaguars I mean their offense. Last week against the Titans, Blake Bortles only threw for 155 yards, and the offense couldn’t score a touchdown. But ever since week 1, the Jets have looked BAD. And by bad, I mean “give the Browns their first win in almost two years” bad. Now Sam Darnold has to go against the best defense in the league. I have the Jags winning and covering against the Jets.

Philadelphia Eagles (-3.0) V. Tennessee Titans 
With the final game of the 1:00 games we have an game that I think will bring Carson Wentz back to where he was last season. I think the Titans have got luck on how they won their games, and it will end today. I see Wentz throwing over 300 yards and throwing for 3 touchdowns in today’s game. So expect the Eagles to win and cover as this is my lock of the week.

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