NFL 2018 Week 4 4:00 Games Prediction

The 1:00 games are just about to end and we now have 4 more games until SNF. So lets get right in to the games.

Cleveland Browns V. Oakland Raider (-2.5)
So the Browns are a good team… I think. I think they are good because Baker Mayfield is a star. In one half, Mayfield brought the Browns back into the game after being down 14-3, and won them the game. In the half Baker had 201 yards and a 2pt conversion reception. And the Raiders, they just aren’t good. Last week against the Dolphins, they had so many opportunities to score, but Derek Carr and the offense just could’t get it done when it maters. So if you couldn’t tell I have the Browns winning and covering the spread.

Seattle Seahawks (-3.5) V. Arizona Cardinals
So call me crazy but, I actually like the Cardinals here. Josh Rosen will be getting his first career start and I like his chances against the Seahawks here. He just needs to do one thing and one thing only, give the ball to David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald. Carson Palmer almost won MVP by doing this back in 2015, so just do the same thing. One thing I am worries about is that the Seahawks defense is still good. Nah, slash that. Dak Prescott is just a really bad QB. No ricochet shot, just facts.

New Orleans Saints (-3.0) V. New York Giants
You can read my full breakdown here, but I have Saints winning and covering.

San Francisco 49ers V. Los Angeles Chargers (-10.0)
Now I hate this spread, but I just have to pick the Chargers here. I mean C.J. Beathard will be starting today for the injured Jimmy Garoppolo and Beathard is not a good QB, besides the one time against the Giants we don’t need to talk about. But the Chargers are just a really good team all around, so the Chargers will win and cover the spread.

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