2018 N.L. Wildcard Game: Colorado Rockies V. Chicago Cubs

Its time, its time, its finally time for the MLB Playoffs. Now I had a horrendous season watching the Mets, but whenever the MLB playoffs come around, it always make me feel better and this is an interesting playoffs we have here. So lets get into this game.

Also watching this video made me so hyped

N.L. Wildcard

#5 Colorado Rockies V. #4 Chicago Cubs

So these teams both played in game 163 tie breaker and both lost their games. The Rockies lost their game at L.A. against the Dodgers 2-5 in a anti climatic game. But the Cubs played their game against the Brewers and this game was much more exciting as the Brewers beat the Cubs 3-1

Both teams decided to save their best pitchers for today as Kyle Freeland will take on Jon Lester in the N.L. Wildcard game. With this game I can see a low scoring game, as both pitchers are made to keep the game close. Freeland finished the season 17-7 with a 2.85 ERA and Jon Lester finished 18-6 with a 3.32 ERA. But, the one thing I got out of the Cubs game was that the Cubs only managed to get 3 hits and their only run was an Anthony Rizzo moonshot. The Cubs are going to have to do more than that tonight if they want to be able to win any game. Then again the Rockies didn’t do much better as they only got 4 hits, but they did score more runs.

So in this game, I think the Rockies are going to win. The Cubs had such a bad game against the Brewers at home that I think it will translate over into this game. The Rockies have the better starter, a better bullpen, and I think the Rockies offense is better than the Cubs. So the Rockies will win in a close game as the MLB playoffs start tonight.

PS: My prediction for the World Series this year is going to be Brewers V. Red Sox. Lets just hope this prediction goes better then last time as I thought it was going to be Diamondbacks V. Indians last season.

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