NHL Preview: Boston Bruins

If you’ve read any of my blogs from the Stanley cup playoffs you know that this team is my number one team. This is the team that I am ride or die with, the team that whatever age I am will make me freak out and possibly break down and cry (I don’t care what you think) and unlike past years there is a insurmountable amount of pressure for this young team, and is it just to say they deserve this pressure? Well, yeah. If you have  the season these young studs have with half the team being rookies and a first year coach finishing as one of the top teams in the NHL yeah you will have pressure.

It’s what this team does with this adversity is what I’m eager to see. I hope they build on what they did last year and take that leap forward and not regress into a sorta sophomore slump as the Oilers did a year ago.

The first line is still the most dangerous concept of this team, one of the most dominant 2-way Centers in the league in Patrice Bergeron with 30 goals and 30+ assists last year although his face off percentages were not the best in the league as they were he’s still one of the best in the league, next to him to the right we got Pastranak who tore it up last year with 35 goals and 40+ asists David also tore it up in the playoffs as well haunting maple leafs fans with 2 hat tricks. And at left wing we got the Rat, the ultimate pest himself Marchand, Brad has further cemented his place as one of the most productive forwards in the league last years with his 34 goals and 51 asists, the one thing he’s gotta do is stay outve trouble.

Marchand was suspended for 12 games last year and he is missed dearly in every game as he is such a game changer. The young guys (excluding Pasta) Debrusk, Donato, Heinen, and  Grzelcyk all look to take another step in their game with the most promise being in Debrusk who lit it up all season as we as in the playoffs. The biggest thing that will hurt this team is injuries, they killed the Bruins down the stretch last year (Bergeron, Chara, Pasta,Krug) as well as not enough rest. The biggest whole in this team is defense, Krug is out for the next 2-3 weeks so we’ll probably see some new guys fill in.

This is probably Zdeno Chara’s last year as the Bruins signed him to a 1 years deal & his age slowly starts to show with regression in speed, but he’s always been my favorite so I hope this isn’t the last we see of him. Here’s to another season.

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