NHL Preview: Montreal Canadiens

Just what a mess of a franchise, the team that had so much promise with players like Suban, Pacioretty, Galchenyuk, and legit the best goaltender in the NHL Carrey Price this core was supposed to win Cup after Cup. Well what went wrong you ask? The incompetent mangement that’s what went wrong, the destroyed Galchenyuk young career by rushing him off injury, they traded away one of the best offensive defensemen in the league cause he was a “locker room cancer” & “was too flashy”, drove out their captain Pacioretty with horrible management, and still have Price trying to pick up the pieces. Now are they a bad team? Eh, Shea Webber is still really good but wasn’t worth a trade for Suban as they did and they do have young players such as Max Domi who a season ago had a stellar season with Arizona as well as Jonathon Drouin who has shown promise in Tampa, I just don’t know how to pin point this team. The only benefit of the doubt they have is in Price who has battled injury for the last 2 years, now if he stays healthy there’s a possibility this team can stay in the running & make wild card but with the shit that is stained around him I don’t see it likely. Also Webber is now the captain, saw that one from a mile away.

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