NHL Preview: Totonto Maple Leafs

If you’re looking for your wagon to hitch to a band to this is the team. The Maple Leafs are the team to beat this season in my opinion acquiring legit probably a top 5 player in the NHL in John Tavares. Adding him to the team is basically taking a forest fire of talent with the Maple leafs and instead of the fire spreading to make it more dangerous they decided to constantly hit it with Nukes increasing the danger & OBLITERATING THE WORLD. That analogy either made a lot of sense or was extremely dumb, any ways what I’m trying to say is this team is really really good. All he’s gonna do is make player like Austin Mathews and Mitch Marner look like even bigger studs then they already are & lead this team.

Now the faults in this team are all in the goaltending, Fredrick Anderson returns in net will he be the brick wall he was in games 3,5,6 of the playoffs or will he wither down & show how bad he really is. The defense once again lead by Morgan Riley is also a mystery but it doesn’t matter when you have the fowards this team has the power is all there and it doesn’t hurt to have a future HOF coach in Mike Babcock on the bench coaching up a storm.

Speaking of Babcock, there have been reports of him and Mathews butting heads this season I’m interested to see how that plays out, but this is your band wagon team hop on while you can.

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