2018 NLCS: Atlanta Braves V. Los Angeles Dodgers

#3 Atlanta Braves V. #2 Los Angeles Dodgers

Now I would be lying if I told you that I had any interest in this series, but I just don’t. I actually had to try and remember who the Dodgers were playing in the first round. The Dodgers are just a team that I can’t be interested in. The Dodgers have made the playoffs for their 6th straight season and I have just become so numb of this team. Are they going to win the World Series. No. Are they getting past the NLCS. No. So whats to care about.

One thing that does get my interest is how the Braves will react to being in the playoffs. The Braves have such a young core with Acuna, Albies, Swanson (Swanson will miss the NLDS), and Camargo, I’d like to see how the team plays. The team has such a bright future and this series can show how this team plays in future postseasons. And let me not forget about Freddy Freeman. Even though he isn’t going against the Mets, he will have a really strong series.

And I really don’t know how this series will turn out. I have the Dodgers winning no matter what, I just cant decide on how many games its going to take. I guess I’ll say the Dodgers will win the series 3-2, with all the games being close. I hope the series can be interesting, I just much prefer to watch the other games.

PS: I just saw its on MLB Network. WTF. I just want Joe Buck announcing games, but for some reason he has to do TNF.

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