2018 NLDS: Colorado Rockies V. Milwaukee Brewers

Here we are. The Division Series starts today after a fine Wild Card series. I was 1-1 predictiong the games because the Athletics didn’t want to score for most the game. But we are now onto the D.S. and we have a good game to start it.

#5 Colorado Rockies V. #1 Milwaukee Brewers

So this will be a one sided series, because the Brewers offense is just too good. The Rockies starting pitching is terrible, besides Kyle Freeland of course, and when the Brewers have players like Yelich, Cain, Braun, Moustakas, and Shaw, they will dominate. Now I know the Brewers starting pitching is much better, but when the offense is this much better, Milwaukee will have a easy ride against the Rockies

Now the Rockies need to hope that Kyle Freeland can pitch in one of the first 3 games because he will be the key to a victory for Colorado. Since he pitched 6.2 innings, it will be intresting to see how Bud Black uses him this series. I wouldn’t be surprised to see hi pitch out of the bullpen for a game. But back to Freeland, Tuesday was the first time I saw him pitch and man did he impress me. I knew his stats were good and he proved it by the game he had against the Cubs.

So this will be an easy series for the Brewers as they will win the NLDS 3-1. The only win I have the Rockies getting is if they have Freeland pitching. But, the Brewers offense is too good and it will be hard to comeback against this team when they have Josh Hader and Corey Knebel in their bullpen.

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