NHL Preview: San Jose Sharks

The sharks are the team that you know will make the playoffs but you know will never do much damage. A team who has a following but like the Ducks nobody goes to those games cause it’s Cali and you can legit cook a egg on the side walk. Jumbo Joe is always a delight to watch play with that magnificent beard, but if you wanna talk beards and Sharks you gotta go to Brent Burns one of the best offensive defense men in the NHL oh and who’s that lining up next to him? Oh wait? Oh no. Erik fuckin Karlson the best defensemen in the freaking NHL oh yeah this team is scary. The sharks starting goalie Martin Jones is kinda a stud but I don’t know I’ll always see him as a back up goalie some how gettin by but what do I know Cause he’s actually been really good for two years. I can definitely see this team kill it this year and maybe win the Cup if they weren’t the Sharks. 2nd round exit probably

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