2018 ALDS: New York Yankees V. Boston Red Sox

#4 New York Yankees V. #1 Boston Red Sox

Here we are. The finals game of the Division Series and we have the biggest game of the playoffs until the World Series. We have the Boston Red Sox, who just finished their best season in franchise history, going against their long time rival the Yankees. So the Yankees proved me wrong, and had a really good game against the Athletics. Aaron Judge’s wrist looks to be in perfect health, Luis Severino pitched a good game, and Luke Voit looks to be a steal from the St. Louis trade.

But the Red Sox did have the best record in the MLB, even with a terrible bullpen and a shacky starting rotation. Players like J.D. Martinez, who is my favorite to win AL MVP,  and Mookie Betts will huge factors in this series. If the Red Sox don’t have these players show up, what Mookie usually does in the playoffs, they are screwed.

The thing that sucks is, I originally picked the Red Sox to make the World Series, but now I cant. I had the Athletics beating the Yankees and that would’ve been huge for the Red Sox. But man, Yankee players just kill the Red Sox pitching. So I have the Yankees winning the series 3-1. It does suck that the series is only best of 5, but it will make for some tense baseball

PS: The Astros are my new pick to make the World Series. And you might say I cant change my pick. Well guess what its my shitty website and I can do whatever I want.

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