2018 NFL Week 5 1:00 Games Prediction

Week 5 is here and I will like to apologize. I have missed last weeks Monday and Thursday night games due to school and my birthday was on Thursday (thanks for the happy birthdays) but I’ll bring them back this week. So with that said, lets get into the games.

Last Weeks Record: 10-5
Last Weeks Spread Record: 9-5-1
2018 Record: 36-26-2
2018 Spread Record: 28-34-2
Locks of the Week: 1-3

Jacksonville Jaguars V. Kansas City Chiefs (-3.0)
So week 5 is here and we are starting off with my game of the week. We have the BEst defense in the league, going against the best offense in the league. So far Jacksonville has been playing fine going 3-1 to start the season, but they really do need Blake Bortles to play more consistent. And the Jaguars really need Bortles to play good today, and so do I. He is going against the worst ranked defense today, and it is hilarious how they are the worse. The have Patrick Mahomes saving their ass every game. So I have the Jaguars covering and winning today as they are my lock of the week.

Green Bay Packers V. Detroit Lions (PK)
So the Pakcers are the few teams this season to have a surprise start to the season, and I don’t mean that as a good thing. Now they did beat the Bills last week, but who expected them to play bad last week. Couldn’t be me. If the Packers didn’t have Aaron Rodgers they would be a nobody team. Now the Lions haven’t been a good team either this season, but ever since Week 1 they either won or kept the game extremely close. So that’s why I have the Lions winning this game.

Tennesse Titans (-5.5) V. Buffalo Bills
Now I fucking hate both these teams. Last week I had the Eagles as my lock, but Mike Vrabel wanted to be the cockiest man alive and go for the win in OT against the Eagles. But I hate the Bills even more because I am 0-4 in predicting the spread for the them. So in my hate bowl I have the Titans winning and covering.

Miami Dolphins V. Cincinnati Bengals (-6.0)
So this is a game I just hate because I really don’t know if the Bengals can cover this spread. Now the people in Vegas are making this spread because the Dolphins offense has looked terrible all season and the Dolphins just got blown out against the Patriots last week. But the Dolphins have been winning game because of special teams and defense so I wonder how much the Bengals will win. I have the Bengals winning today’s game, but the Dolphins will keep the game close and cover the spread.

Baltimore Ravens (-3.0) V. Cleveland Browns
Now I love this spread because I think Cleveland will win this game. Cleveland should have won last weeks game if the refs didn’t screw them twice in OT last week in Oakland. I need Baker to have a better game because he threw 2 interceptions last week against a decent defense. So I have the Browns winning and covering the spread.

New York Giants V. Carolina Panthers (-6.5)
So I already gave my full breakdown and prediction of the game, click here to read it, but I think the Panthers will win but the Giants will cover.

Denver Broncos (-1.0) V. New York Jets
Now we have the Broncos coming out East to play the Jets and I love the Broncos here. The Broncos defense has played pretty good this season. Last week they were able to contain Patrick Mahomes as much as they could, but lost because of Case Kennum’s bad throw late in the game. But the Broncos won’t allow Sam Darnold to do anything today. Darnold hasn’t played good since week one, and I see it continuing this week. So the Broncos will win and cover this week.

Atlanta Falcons V. Pittsburgh Steelers (-3.0)
With the final game of the 1:00 games, we have the Falcons going to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers. Both these teams have not played up to expectations as they both have 1 win on the season, but the Falcons have not played good because of their defense. In the last two games the Falcons have allowed +37 or more points at home. But the Steelers haven’t played much better. Of course the Steelers main problem is not having Le’Veon Bell, but they should be a good enough team to win more than 1 game. So I have the Falcons going to Pittsburgh and winning this game. I think this will be the week that the Falcons get back on track for the rest of the season.

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