NBA 2018 Offseason Breakdown: Houston Rockets

Back again for the Offseason Breakdown blog, now onto the Houston Rockets. I’ll write about what the Rockets did in the offseason, the teams starting 5, strengths and weaknesses, and how I think the Rockets will do this season. Let’s start.

Offseason Acquisitions and Loses:
Chris Paul resigns a 4 year $159 million contract
This comes to a shock to no one as Paul is their second best player since he was traded to Houston last offseason. Paul is still a top 15 player in the NBA, but I see this coming to screw the Rockets as Chris Paul will be 36 years old at the end of the contract.
Clint Capela resigns a 5 year $90 million contract
Another signing that came to no shock as Capela is the best defensive player on the Rockets. Capela is still very young and he is only going to get better, so it will be interesting to see how he grows. 
Carmelo Anthony signs a 1 year $2.3 million contract
Oh Melo, signing minimum contracts, what happened. Melo decided that it was time to get a ring and went to Houston for some reason to do that. It will be interesting to see how the Rockets offense runs now that they have 3 players who want the ball in their hands at all times.
Trevor Ariza signs a 1 year $15 million contract with the Suns

Arizia decided to leave Houston this offseason to get his money and signed with the Suns. It sucks for the Rockets because Arizia is a very good consistent player, but they couldn’t afford the money he wanted if they wanted to being back Capela.
Houston trades Ryan Anderson and De’Anthony Melton to the Suns for Brandon Knight and Marquese Chriss
Didn’t see the Rocket smoving Ryan Anderson as he is one of, maybe the best, big man shooters in the NBA. The Rockets did get a good return as Chriss is a nice young player and Knight will be a much better back up point guard then Michael Carter-Williams.

Starting 5:
PG: Chris Paul
SG: James Harden
SF: James Ennis
PF: Carmelo Anthony
C: Clint Capela

So obviously the Rockets main strength is that they have a very solid offense. The Rockets offense played really good last year under Mike D’Antoni, and now they add Carmelo Anthony, who’s only strength is his offense. Then they have Capela, who finished the season with the best FG%, had 10.8 RPG, and 1.9 BPG.

This doesn’t need to be said, but without Capela the Rockets defesne is not very good. And now you take away Arizia and add Melo, not good. But the biggest weakness for the Rockets is that they play in the Western Conference.

Offseason Grade: A-

Prediction: I say the hot take, I think the Rockets will finish 2nd in the Western Conference. Yeah I said it. And they will lose in the WCF to Warriors. fire.gif

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