Philadelphia Eagles V. New York Giants

Philadelphia Eagles (-1.0) V. New York Giants

The Eagles come to New Jersey to play the Giants on this rainy TNF game, and I declare this the cuncel game. If the Giants lose tonight game I will cuncel da season and hope the Giants lose the rest of their games. But tonight I have some confidence. The Eagles had a rough week last week as they just couldn’t find a way into the endzone until the fourth quarter. Their defense played pretty good as they were stopping the Vikings from scoring, but a late 52 yard field goal iced the game and the Eagles lost 23-21.

But the Giants, the Giants had much worse game. After all of the Odell drama, the Giants played a similar game and it was hard for them to score until the fourth. The only touchdown the Giants had before the fourth was a 57 yard touchdown from Odell. Not the best thing to see when the Odell says we have a problem at QB and then throws the longest touchdown of the season for us.

The thing is the Giants played really good defense against the Panthers last week. Primarily in the second half, the Giants held the Panthers to 1 touchdown, and was able to only allow field goals late in the game, allowing the Giants to comeback. And the Giants came back as a huge catch from Russell Shepard and a touchdown catch from Saquon gave us a 1 point lead.

Then the referees decided to fuck us and give a BS penalty to Landon Collins and the refs just giving a first down to McCaffrey that definetly wasn’t a first, all led to the 2nd longest field goal in NFL HISTORY that made the Giants lose 31-33.

But tonight is the night that I will decide to cuncel da season for the G-Men. The NFC East is so bad that they can still win the division if they win tonight, but if they don’t the season is over. Tonight I have the Giants winning and covering the spread. The Eagles are 1-2 since Carson Wentz retured (0-2 in their last 2 games), so I have trust that the Giants will be able to get the win tonight.

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