2018 ALCS: Houston Astros V. Boston Red Sox

#2 Houston Astros V. #1 Boston Red Sox

Tonight we have the Houston Astros taking on the best team in baseball, the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS and I cannot wait for this game. Both these teams have really good hitting, and it will be fun to see how the Red Sox players play against the Astros pitching. The Astros pitchers completely dominated the Indians last series, holding them to six runs in 3 games.

The real story tho is the Astros hitting. The Astros had 3 hitters hit over .500 and 5 players hit over .400. And this is really important because the Red Sox pitching, is much worse than the Indians, especially when the Red Sox have to get to their bullpen.

Lets not forget, the Red Sox destroyed the Yankees last series. In 4 games, the Red Sox scored 26 runs. Hilarious stat to see. But like I said the pitching will be a problem for the Sox. The Red Sox allowed 14 runs in those 4 games, which isn’t the worse, but a team like the Astros, you have to be worried they will score more runs then that.

So I think the Red Sox and Astros will go all the way this sereis, using all 7 games to decide a victor. My prediction is that the Houston Astros will return to the World Series, winning this series 4-3. I think the Astros are the better team in this case, and you can see it by just looking at what they did to the Indians last series.

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