2018 NLCS: Los Angeles Dodgers V. Milwaukee Brewers

#2 Los Angeles Dodgers V. #1 Milwaukee Brewers

The 2018 champion series is here and we start off with the Dodgers taking on the Brewers. Now both team laid the smackdown on their opponents in the division series, and lets start off the with the Dodgers. The Dodgers played the Braves and the Braves just had no answer for the Dodgers. In the games the Dodgers won, L.A. held the Braves to 2 runs, shutting them out twice. If the Dodgers pitching can continue their dominance pitching wise, they can find their way in their 2nd straight World Series.

The Brewers though had the much better series. The Brewers did the same thing, only holding the Brewers to 2 runs, shutting them out twice, but the Brewers we’re able to sweep a better team. The Brewers had 3 players hit over .300 in the series and scored 13 runs in 3 games. So both teams have some really good pitching, either starting the game or coming out the bullpen, so this will be a very fun series to watch.

So, in this series I have the Brewers winning the series 4-2. I think the Brewers have the better, more consistient team all aroud. So expect to see the Brewers in the World Series and you will see who I have for the ALCS tomorrow before the Astros V. Red Sox game.

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