NFL 2018 Week 6 4:00 Games

Los Angeles Rams (-7.0) V. Denver Broncos 
The Rams head to Denver to play the Broncos this week, and some are worried on how the Rams will play up in Denver, but it does not concern me. The Rams are such a good team that they will blowout the Broncos this game. I mean the God damn Jets just blew them out. The Broncos have just failed my expectations on them this year, so the Rams will win and cover.

Baltimore Ravens (-2.5) V. Tennessee Titans 
Now just like the Bills, I am 0-5 in prediction the Titans games. They either win in OT or lose to the fucking Bills when they are 5.5 favorites. So just like the Bills, I will predict a pick right for them, and say that the Titans will win and cover this game. On paper the Titans are a pretty decent team, a team better then the Ravens, so they should get the win here. The Titans just need Marcus Mariota to play a decent game, and not throw for below 200 yards again.

Jacksonville Jaguars (-3.0) V. Dallas Cowboys
With the final game of the 4:00 games, we have the Jags going to Dallas to play the Cowboys. Now I am a big Blake Bortles guy, so I hate to see what happened to him last week, but I expect a big comeback game for him and the Jags. The Jags have been doing this all season form being really good, to really bad. But the Cowboys are just a horrible team (non-biased of course). So I think that Blake will get back on track, and beat and cover the spread.

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