2018 New York Knicks Season Preview

Here we are, the NBA season is back, and more importantly the New York Knicks are back. Now if you are new to this site, I am a Knicks fan and I usually write a weekly recap on the Knicks every week, so make sure to check that if you are interested. But tonight is the Knicks season opener and I cannot be more happier. All of my sports team sucks right now so its always nice to start off a new season with a different team, even though the Knicks aren’t a good team.

Now its obvious why the Knicks aren’t going to be good, and that’s because our lord and savior Kristaps Porzingis will most likely miss the season. Without KP the Knicks wont be able to do much, but I have no problem with KP not playing this season. The most obvious reason is so that the Knicks can tank, but I don’t want KP playing so players like Kevin Knox and Frank can develop more. Also it would be nice for him to fully recover from his ACL injury and not return when the Knicks are 20 game out of the playoffs.

But this Knicks squad looks to be really fun to watch this season. We have young players like Knox, Frank, Mitchell Robinson, and Allonzo Trier that are going to be fun to watch. Enes Kanter is still on the team which I am very excited about because he is the biggest Knicks fan out there. Not to mention that hes a double double machine. And we get to see how David Fizdale coaches this team in his first season at head coach. It seems that all the players reall like him, I just hope he takes Lance Thomas out of the starting 5 and puts Frank at guard soon because it would be nice for Kevin Knox to start.

So my prediction for the Knicks this season is that they will miss the playoffs, and we should want them to. The Knicks can really benefit from getting another young good player. And hopefully this young player can influence potential free agents next season. But back on this season, I have the Knicks finishing in 13th place in the Eastern Conference.

PS: As a Ron Baker stand, him not getting cut was the best news ever. Ron really knows how to impress coaches, and that’s what he did with Fizdale.

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