Cincinnati Bengals V. Kansas City Chiefs

Week 7 Record: 9-3
Week 7 Spread Record: 6-6 

Cincinnati Bengals V. Kansas City Chiefs (-6.0)

Back to back week for the Chiefs as they play on Sunday Night Football, but this time they are home taking on the Bengals. Now I think this spread is too high because the Bengals are a pretty good team. So far this season they are 4-2, but in those 2 loses they didn’t play bad. Last week the Bengals played the Steelers and I just knew they weren’t getting that win. But in the loss, the Bengals didn’t play bad as Andy Dalton threw for 229 yards and 2 touchdowns, and today they play the 32 ranked defense.

The Chiefs showed last week that they need their defense to play so much better. The Chiefs will most likely play the Patriots in the AFC Championship this year, so they really need the defense to improve. When Tom Brady came onto the field with 3 minutes left in the game, everyone knew the Pats were getting that win.

So tonight the Chiefs do have one of the best home crowds, so they should win this game. But the Bengals will keep it close all game as they will cover the spread this game.

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