NFL 2018 Week 7 1:00 Games

Before we get started, apparently there was another London game between the Titans and Chargers, and for some reason the NFL decided not to play the game at 1:00 EST, so that’s cool. But whatever, I have the Chargers winning and covering the -7 spread.

Week 6 Record: 8-7
Week 6 Spread Record: 5-9-1
2018 Record: 56-35-2
2018 Spread Record: 41-49-4
2018 Locks of the Week: 2-4

New England Patriots (-2.0) V. Chicago Bears 
Now with the first “real” game of the day, we probably have the best game of the week as the Patriots head to Chicago to take on the Bears. Now the thing that sucks for the Bears is that the Patriots have got their swagger back. The Pats are now on a 3 game win streak and have scored 38 points or more in those 3 games. The Pats have to now play a really hard defense in the Chicago Bears, so it will be fun to see how the Pats play. But I’m all in on the Patriots winning and covering this game.

Cleveland Browns V. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3.5)
Last week Jameis Winston came back from the bye week and showed everyone why he’s the starting QB, even though they had a tough loss against the Falcons. Winston though had 395 yards 4 touchdowns, but ended up throwing two interceptions. But today they have a chance to get back on track as they face the Cleveland Browns. I expect another big week for the Buccs offense as Cleveland got destroyed last week. Cleveland allowed 38 points last week to the Chargers in a horrendous game. So I have the Buccs winning and covering at home.

Houston Texans V. Jacksonville Jaguars (-3.5)
Man o man what is going on with the Jags. Two Weeks in a row where their offense just looks terrible and their defense doesn’t look better. But this is a new week, and I think the Jags can get back on track with this game. They are finally back home and Houston hasn’t been very good this season either. So for my lock of the week, I have the Jags winning and covering this week.

Minnesota Vikings (-3.5) V. New York Jets
Talking about teams that need to get back on track, we have the Vikings heading to New York to play the Jets. Now the Vikings actually have gotten back to the way they should, but they place a tough opponent today in the Jets. The Jets have been red hot in the last two weeks by crushing the Broncos and Colts. Now I think the Vikings are the better team and they will win and cover today’s game. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jets keep it close and lose by 1 or 2.

Buffalo Bills V. Indianapolis Colts (-7.0)
I finally did it, after being 0-5 predicting the Bills spread, I got them right last week and now I’m feeling hot. This week they head into Indy to take on the Colts and I expect this to be a low scoring close game. I do think the Colts are the better team in this situation, but the Bills should keep it close, it just all depends if the Colts defense can help Andrew Luck. I think the Colts will win, but the Bills should cover and keep it close.

Detroit Lions (-3.0) V. Miami Dolphins
What a game to not care about. A game that means absolutely nothing and it will be an easy game for the Lions. There is no way in hell that Brock Osweiler has good games back to back, so this should be an easy game for the Lions as they will win and cover.

Carolina Panthers V. Philadelphia Eagles (-5.0)
We are into the final game of the 1:00 games as the Panthers head to Philly to play the Eagles. Now I think this can be an easy game because the Panthers haven’t played well over the last couple of weeks. Losing to the Redskins last week, allowing to the Giants to score their first +30 point games since 2016, not good. And the Eagles should only be getting better now that Carson Wentz has multiple games under his belt now. So I think the Eagles should get the easy win at home and cover the spread.

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