NFL 2018 Week 7 4:00 Games

New Orleans Saints V. Baltimore Ravens (-3.0)
We start off the 4:00 games with a banger as the Saints head up to Baltimore to take on the Ravens. And what makes this game a banger is that we have one of the best offenses in the league going against one of the best defenses in the league. And before this season, no one really looked at the Ravens, but now when you look at them, their defense is super scary. I mean, last week against the Titans they had 11 sacks, crazy. But here I still like the Saints. The Saints are going to be a very tough offense to stop, especially with Mark Ingram back from suspension. So I have the Saints winning and covering.

Dallas Cowboys (-2.0) V. Washington Redskins 
Now what sucks is that the Cowboys may be good again. Last week they put an absolute beating on the Jags defense scoring 40 points and holding them to 7. Now Dak Prescott still hasn’t looked the best, but they haven’t need him to. Zeke is back to his dominate form, the defense is playing really good. Even with the Redskins having a good week last week against the Panthers, I’m picking the Cowboys to win and cover this game.

Los Angeles Rams (-9.0) V. San Francisco 49ers
With the final game until SNF, we will have a murder. Now the last two games, the Rams have been winning games close even though they should win by more then a touchdown, but there is no fear because the Rams will kill the Niners this game. The Niners had a really good game against a very bad Packers defense, but now they go against a top 5 defense. So with that all said the Rams will win and cover in San Fran.

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