New York Giants V. Atlanta Falcons

New York Giants V. Atlanta Falcons (-4.0)

Week 7 Record: 10-3
Week 7 Spread Record: 6-7 

Oh what a terrible time it is to be a Giants fan. Back to back weeks were the Giants have to play on national T.V., third time this season, and I for one am not a fan of this. Every time we go on national T.V. we always get out asses busted and lose in embarrassing fashion. Eli will make his dumb stupid face, people will say Odell doesn’t care about the game and make fun of him for not liking water. Just wish this didn’t have to happen on national T.V.

And even though the Falcons are 2-4 this season, they aren’t losing games because of bad offense. Last week they played the Buccaneers in a high scoring game, and the Falcons passing played really good. Matt Ryan had 354 yards and threw 3 touchdowns. But the reason why the Falcons are losing is because of really really really bad defense. The Falcons defense is ranked 29th in the NFL and it makes sense since they haven’t allowed less then 20 points since week 1.

So if there is anytime for a high scoring game, I think tonight is the night. Both teams have very bad defenses so if Eli can make his throws tonight, the over of 52 looks like an easy bet. And it helps that the Giants they will have TE Evan Engram coming back from injury tonight. So for my prediction, I have the Falcons winning and covering the spread. The Falcons are the better team here, and they will show it by how explosive their defense is. Lets just hope the Giants keep it somewhat close and dont lose embarrassingly.

PS: The thing that sucks is that I know the Giants will ruin the fun and let Julio Jones to score his first touchdown of the season.

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