2018 World Series Prediction: Los Angeles Dodgers V. Boston Red Sox

Here we are. The 2018 World Series is here and before I get into the game, I just want to congratulate myself on predicting who was going to be in the World Series. Before the season started I said the Dodgers were going to lose in the World Series and after the season I predicted the Red Sox to make it. Now did the teams that I said were going to beat these teams make it. No, but that isn’t important because the World Series starts tonight.

Now I am really looking forward to these games because both teams are very good. We all know about the Red Sox and how they were the best team in baseball this season, but the Dodgers are being criminally under looked. The Dodgers have been hitting very good so far this postseason and have players like Yasiel Puig and Chris Taylor have been hitting over .300 this entire postseason. Justin Turner, my least favorite guy in the world for no reason but for being really good after the Mets got rid of him for nothing, is always a player that should be feared because I feel like he ends up on base every time he is up at bat. And of course there is the Kershaw effect, so if Kershaw plays really good, the Dodgers have a strong chance this series.

Even with the Dodgers being really good all around, the Red Sox are the better team here. Last series against the Astros, I doubted the Red Sox because I believed Houston was the better team. Well after game one, the Red Sox crushed the Astros beating them in only 4 games. The Astros have the best pitching staff in the MLB right now, so if the Red Sox have no problems with them, why should they face a problem with the Dodgers pitching.

Now with that said, the Dodgers will be the hardest completion the Red Sox will face this postseason in my opinion. I think the Red Sox will beat the Dodgers in 6 games winning 4-2. The Red Sox bullpen played fairly well last series but I don’t expect that to happen again. So that’s my prediction. I think this will be a fun series to watch, but the Red Sox will win.

PS: Shout out to Mail Nivlem for writing 0 playoff blogs about his team being in the World Series. Real piece of shit he is, huh.

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