2018-19 Knicks Weekly Recap: Week 1

Well after 1 week of NBA basketball, the Knicks have shown that they will be a very competitive team this season. The Knicks are starting off the season 1-3, but there isn’t much to complain about so far this season. So lets get into the recap of the games.

Atlanta Hawks V. New York Knicks (0-0)
So this was very fun game to start the season off and there was no doubt the Knicks would lose this game. Every player besides Frank and Robinson (who played 1 minute due to injury) had a + this game. And so far this season the star of this team is Tim Hardaway. Hardaway looked unstoppable scoring 31 points while shooting 10/22 and 3/9 from three. Other huge player was Enes Kanter (who is averaging a double double this season), Allonzo Trier, and Noah Vonleh. I am such a huge fan of Trier, and I think he can be a really good player this season. The Knicks ended up winning 107-126.

New York Knicks (1-0) V. Brooklyn Nets
Even with the Knicks losing this game, I was so happy on how the Knicks played. Enes Kanter and Tim Hardaway had another great game, both scoring 29 points and Kanter getting another double double. But then the Knicks just couldn’t take the game away from the Nets. The Knicks allowed the Nets to comeback after they only scored 17 points in the third. Caris Levert was going off all game agianst Tim, so when he had the ball on the last play of the game, I knew Levert was going to score. Even with the Knicks losing, it was a big game because Kevin Knox played a huge role in the game and scored 17 points.

Boston Celtics V. New York Knicks (1-1)
Another game where the Knicks played really good, but down the stretch, they couldn’t take the game away from the Celtics. Now of course the biggest news from this game was the fact that Knox hurt his ankle. Now right as the injury happened I knew that Knox sprained it and would miss a few weeks. But with Knox gone, the Knicks would rally around him, and tell me if you heard this before, but Hardaway lead the Knicks in points. Now Hardaway did have his worse game, only scoring 24 which is disgusting and I will not take a bad performance like that again.

But with the Knicks playing the best team in the East, they wouldn’t back down and took them on to the end. But once again, the Knicks gave up the game leading shot, this time to Jason Tatum, and the Knicks were down 3. Then with 5 seconds left, Trey Burke took the worst three in history, but for some reason Tatum fouled him while he was taking a 30 foot three. Now Burke missed the first free throw and the game was over, but post show Wally Szczerbiak made a really strong point. Szczerbiak said it was his first free throw of the game, so he isn’t comfortable with his shot just yet. That sucks but makes a lot of sense.

New York Knicks (1-2) V. Milwaukee Bucks
With the final game of the week, this was the worst game for the Knicks all around. The Knicks were fighting back all game to try and win this game, but they rarely were able to hold the lead this game. And it sucks when in the last 2 minutes of the game, the Knicks got outscored 1-8. Not the best play, and I really not to mad about this. Of course it would be nice for the Knicks to win, but I am so in tank mode that I have no problem with the Knicks losing.

So yeah, the Knicks now start the season 1-3 and they start the week off pretty tough. Tonight they play the Heat and I don’t see the Knicks winning. The Heat are a good team, and will beat the Knicks with their defense. Then the Knicks head back home to MSG, as they take on the Warriors. Not a fan of this obviously because you know, the Warriors. SO of course this is a loss. Then the final game of the week, the Knicks stay home to take on the Nets in a reamatch. Now I  think the Knicks should win here just because they came so close last time, but I can’t say they are home now because the Knicks are always the fan favorite when the Nets.

So yeah the Knicks should finish this week 1-2, and I just hope Kevin Knox returns soon and hes fine. Also pretty big fan of Tim Hardaway Sr. going to most the games so far. Really giving THJ a boost when he shows up.

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