NFL 2018 Week 8 4:00 Games Prediction

Indianapolis Colts (-3.0) V. Oakland Raiders 
Not the best games for the 4:00 games as this is one of them as the Colts head to Oakland. I don’t think that this will be a high scoring game, but the Colts will be dominating most of it. With all of the shitty games the Colts have had this season, Andrew Luck has looked awesome. With 1948 yards and 20 touchdowns in 7 games, its easy to point out why the Colts are 2-5. But with everything going on within the Raiders this week, trading Cooper and the team might not liking Carr, I see the Colts winning and covering this game.

Green Bay Packers V. Los Angeles Rams (-7.0)
The whole story going into this game was how this is the biggest spread in Aaron Rodgers career. People are saying that the Rams won’t cover because they are playing Rodgers, but the Rams are really fucking good. Their offense is amazing, their defense is amazing, and hell their special team is amazing. Now I know the Rams haven’t been covering their games lately, but the Packers defense is really bad. They let the 49ers score 30 points on them. So I have the Rams winning and covering this game.

San Francisco 49ers (-2.5) V. Arizona Cardinals
This is the other shitty game that I was talking about earlier and this spread makes no sense. Just 3 weeks ago at San Francisco, the Cardinals beat the niners 28-18, and not much has changed. Both teams have one win, both teams are really really bad, so why are the niners the favorite here. I think the Cardinals will win and cover this game with ease.

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