2018-19 Knicks Weekly Recap: Week 2

So the Knicks did everything I thought they would last week as they had a very boring, lackluster week. They finished the week 1-2 and for the season, they are now 2-5. Of course not the best start to the season, but what should we expect. So lets get into the games and the predictions for this week.

Knicks (1-3) V. Heat
Everything I said about how the Knicks will get dominated on offense came true as the Heat played so good against them. The Knicks could not shoot the ball the whole game as they shot 36% from the field. The worst part was when the Knicks got dismantled coming out of half, as Miami scored 45 points in the third quarter. Not the best as the Knicks lost 87-110 as they losing streaks moves onto 4.

Warriors V. Knicks (1-4)
Just a game that I had no interest in because I knew the Knicks would lose, but I will gove them their credit as the Knicks kept the game close for most of the game. The Knicks made some changes since their starting lineup was playing horrible, Frank got the start at PG, Daymean Dotson started at SG, and Vonleh and Robinson started over Thomas and Kanter. Now I’m not a fan of Kanter being put on the bench, but Frank getting the start was awesome. Frank scored a career high 17 points on 6/11 from the field.

Very excited to see Frank ball out like this, but the story of the game was how bad the Knicks played in the 4th quarter. Kevin Durant scored 25 of his 41 points in the fourth quarter as the Knicks had no answer for the Warriors. For a close games the Knicks ended up losing 128-100.

Nets V. Knicks (1-5)
So with the losing streak now on 5 games, the Knicks needed to win this game bad. They had the same lineup as before and there was no doubt after the second quarter that the Knicks would win this game. Back to back games where Tim Hardaway scored 24 points or more as he was the star of this game. And Frank had another good game as Frank had 16 points this game that went with 5 rebounds and 4 assists.

I am a really big fan of the lineup Fizdale puts out their as Mitch had 11 points and shot 5/5 from the field. And Noah Vonleh is a beast rebounder as he is only 6’9″ and got 10 rebounds. I don’t mind Vonleh starting, but I would like to see him and Kanter start together soon.

Now hopefully Kevin Knox returns soon, maybe this week, but I don’t want him to rush coming back. If he returns hes should start on the bench but make his way at the starting spot over Dotson. I love Dotson, but of course Knox needs to be the starter.

But on to week 3, the Knicks play 4 games this week, starting today as the Knicks stay home for the third staright game as they take on the Pacers. After that they head to Dallas to play the Mavericks on Friday. Then on Sunday they play the Wizards in D.C.,  but then the Knicks head staright home to play the Bulls on Monday. I think this is a very lax week and I thing the Knicks will be 2-2 this week. THey do face a hard challenge in the Pacers, but other then that the Knicks will play close games. They should beat the Maverick and Bulls, especially the Bulss because of what happened to them this week against the Warriors.

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