NFL 2018 Week 9 1:00 Games Predictions

Week 8 Record: 9-5
Week 8 Spread Record: 6-8
2018 Record: 77-43-2
2018 Spread Record: 52-66-4
2018 Locks of the Week: 3-5

Chicago Bears (-10.0) V. Buffalo Bills
To start off week 9 we have the Bears heading to Buffalo to play the Bills and we will have a blowout game to start us off. Everyone know how bad Buffalo is with either Petterman or Anderson at QB, but today they have to go against one of the best defense in the league. This will be a joke game as the Bears might not allow the Bills to score. So expect the Bears to win and cover in a blowout.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers V. Carolina Panthers (-6.0)
So of course last week I praised Jamies Winston for not having a bad start to the season and then he pulls of the bullshit he did last week. He looked like he never played QB in his life before last week and threw 4 interceptions. But I guess the good new we get from this is that Ryan Fitzpatrick gets to start today. I think this will be a pretty close game and Tampa Bay needs to win this game. If they lose this game they will not make the playoffs, and that sucks because now the Panthers are a really good team. Cam Newton found his way back after Super Bowl 50, the defense is playing pretty good in the last couple of weeks. I think the Panthers should win this game, but the Buccs will keep it close and cover.

Kansas City Chiefs (-9.0) V. Cleveland Browns 
Another game where we will see a blowout as the Chiefs will dismantle the Browns here. With the Browns having Gregg Williams coaching, there is no way that the Browns will win this game. They have to face one of the best offenses in the league right now, I see no chance this mediocre Browns teams wins this game. So the Chiefs will win and cover this game with ease.

Atlanta Falcons V. Washington Redskins (-2.0)
I said it last week and I’ll say it again, the Redskins are a sneaky good team. I know it isn’t saying much right now but they played a really good game against the Giants last week. Besides a garbage time touchdown they held the Giants touchdown-less last week. And now the play the Falcons who just aren’t good. The Falcons are coming off a bye week, but the Redskins are the better team here. I think the Redskins should win and cover easily at home.

New York Jets V. Miami Dolphins (-3.0)
So we have a rematch from week 2 between these teams as the Dolphins took the last one in New York. But I think the Jets will get their revenge this game and come out with the win. Miami has looked so bad ever since there 3 game win streak to start the season. They only had one win since and that was because of that stupid Brock Osweiler game. But now they don’t have any juju on there side, and I expect the Jets to win and cover this game.

Pittsburgh Steelers V. Baltimore Ravens (-2.0)
Another rematch game as this time the Steelers are looking for revenge against the Ravens. Now I don’t know why my mind is making me do this, but I think the Steelers will get this win. I don’t know if its the Ravens 4-4 record or its the fact that its the Steelers and they are just always a good team, but I think the Steelers will win this game. Pittsburgh hasn’t lost a game since they played the Raven and that was more then a month ago. So I think the Steelers will win and cover.

Detroit Lions V. Minnesota Vikings (-5.0)
I don’t know why the Lions are always one of the last teams I cover, but here they are and at least they play against a team I actually care about. The Viking got pummeled last week against the Saints, but I don’t think that will carry over to this game. The Vikings are still a really good team, but they don’t have Diggs playing today which sucks for them. I think the Vikings should win, but with the little offensive help that the Vikings have today, the Lions should cover the spread.

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